Why does Chrome work after closing?

Computer speed is one of the most important factors affecting the comfortable use of the system.

Some programs can put a heavy strain on your computer, including Google Chrome.

Even when closed, this browser can continue to consume system resources, but this can be fixed easily.

Why does Chrome work after hours? This is a fairly common problem for many users. The fact is that this browser has a background mode in which different processes continue to run, although this is not visually noticeable and the program is closed.

How to disable Google Chrome processes?

When your computer starts to work slowly, you first need to go to the task manager and see which processes consume a lot of resources. To do this, hold down the Alt + Ctrl + Del keys and select the transition to the task manager:

Why does Chrome work after closing?

If it is in Chrome, then on the tab with processes, you You will observe several lines, as shown in the image. When you close the browser, you do not need all these processes, so it’s better to disable them.

To do this, go to the browser settings and click on additional options. At the very bottom, you will find the “System” settings block, where you need to uncheck the background continuation of individual processes:

Why does Chrome work after closing?

After disabling the background work of the browser, some processes will stop starting, but Not all.

The fact is that Google Chrome can be used by other programs, for example, Skype. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find the name of the browser among the processes in the manager, but they will consume a minimum of resources.

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