Why does a blogger need an e-book? | Workion. ru

New blogs appear on the Internet at incredible speeds. Their authors choose different strategies for promotion and use various methods of promotion.

First of all, bloggers are talented authors of articles, and why should such a person write his own book.

E-book is a stage in the development of a blogger, which almost all owners of well-promoted sites are switching to.

With the development of the blog and the acquisition of a huge amount of knowledge, you yourself begin to think about writing e-books, and you need to start doing this as early as possible, as it takes a lot of time.

Why does a blogger need an e-book? | Workion. ru

Own infoprodukt is useful for various purposes. With it you can enter a new niche, start your infobusiness. This is much more serious than just blogging.

You can see how infobusiness professionals are building, almost every one of them starts from an information site.

The first book may not be actively bought, since you first need to make a name for yourself. Popularity quickly not exactly achieve, it is desirable to distribute the first edition for free.

Let it bring fame, in the future it will come in handy both for the development of the blog and for effective infobusiness.

Your own e-book is the best way to attract Email subscribers. Another reason to develop an information product.

It is not so easy to collect subscribers' base, and when visitors are offered something for free, they subscribe to mailings much more actively. In the future, such a database will help return some of the traffic, advertise something and share useful information with the target audience.

Experienced authors take 2-3 months to write a small book . As much more will be required for its refinement.

The text should be beautifully decorated, the book needs a cover, it is desirable to add content in the form of links to go to certain sections and take into account other subtleties. The better the information product is, the more benefit it will be.

Why does a blogger need an e-book? | Workion. ru

On which topic to write an e-book?

No one comes up with a topic for a book for you. The basic rules are the right topics for the target audience, something interesting and what you are a true professional in.

It is advisable to create an infoproduct based on personal experience. Then you can add some statistics to it, share your success and thereby evoke the confidence of the readers.

For earnings websites, it’s much easier to come up with an interesting topic. Choosing something fresh is not necessary, choose one of the sections of the blog to come up with a broad and interesting topic.

For example, my e-book ideas would suit my readers:

  • earnings on binary options;
  • 1000 ways to make money on the Internet;
  • how to become a rich freelancer;
  • easy ways to do some work online;
  • how to attract a million referrals.

Topics are invented immediately, before choosing them, it is advisable to see the statistics on the site. Determine what interests your readers more, what questions they ask, what they use and so on. Carefully choose a theme for the first e-book, the success of its distribution depends on it.

Every blogger has an idea to write a huge article in which one could present everything at once to his readers.

Writing 50,000 characters each is stupid, such texts are poorly perceived, it is much better to make an e-book. Sell ​​it or give it away for free, the benefit will be in any case.

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