Why do you need to count every penny?

The history of experienced players sometimes is really amazing, because gambling in their lives play one of the most important roles.

Everyone started somewhere and gradually merged into this niche, after which he drew conclusions and recalled mistakes. People tend to make mistakes, but if you know where the rakes lie, you can get around them.

Player, appreciate your bankroll - this advice is given by one of the regular readers of the Workion blog, who decided to share his story from a life in which gambling was constantly present. No, they did not destroy him and he did not become “sick” by gambling, but he learned something from his own mistakes.

Why do you need to count every penny?

Approximately 7 years ago I discovered such an exciting game as poker and began to actively play on the Internet. I didn’t see anything bad about it, since the game brought a storm of emotions and after a hard day’s work, it was an ideal way to let off steam.

After several months of active gaming, I switched to casino gambling, and their diversity dragged on even more.

There were both winnings and losses (once even hit the jackpot), but the money itself did not become a subject of adoration. They scattered quickly, and on all sorts of trivialities, since then I had not yet thought about the future and walked through life with the motto "Easy money should be spent easily."

At one point I began to notice that after a long absence in the games, there is a desire to make a deposit and continue risky attempts to win big money. Receiving the next salary, it was already a rule to replenish the game balance, but I cannot say that I depended on it.

Unfortunately, in the company where I worked, the reduction began, and I got under it. I worked as a manager, the salary was average (around 30,000 rubles), so spending $ 20-100 on deposits every month didn’t strain me much, the more I liked it.

As soon as the last money ran out, I stopped playing, and quickly finding a good job was too hard.

Then I began to realize that all the winnings and jackpots could not be scattered, as well as part of the money that I thoughtlessly spent on bets, although I could use strategies, participate in tournaments, use promotions and much more.

Why do you need to count every penny?

I managed to get out of a difficult situation at the expense of my acquaintances, who arranged for a car wash as an administrator, but for a long time I didn’t last there, because the brazen contingent was very stressed and sometimes I myself had to wash cars.

Just a couple of years ago, I still managed to get a good job in the profession (I once graduated from college as an engineer in the automotive field). Did I refuse to play games? No, I continue to play and I think that this is one of the most exciting activities.

That's just the attitude to all this has changed a lot , now there are no mindless bets, I actively use any casino bonuses and appreciate every dollar won.

Conclusion from this story you can make one - you should always think 10 steps ahead and understand that everything that we have now can disappear in one moment and then you have to then refuse. We recommend to all our readers to find out where to invest money on the Internet and to make secure.

And if you have your own interesting stories, write to me, maybe your article will also be posted on the Workion blog.

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