Why do people have different salary, job search

Many people are accustomed to thinking that success, which systematically is achieved by ordinary people , is good luck, but in reality, this is not at all the case. Everyone is able to achieve financial independence, but, unfortunately, not everyone uses this chance. If you are still in doubt, then let's look at a specific example.

Suppose that two friends for many years lead a similar lifestyle, the same level of knowledge and, as is usually the case, they received the same education, studying in the same group. Naturally, after they became graduates, job search begins.

Suppose that one of them found a company and called his friend to work together. In this case, these people practically lead the same life. Their only difference is spending free time. While one of them delves into online games and becomes a “master” in gameplay, the other is actively involved in freelancing.

Why do people have different salary, job search

Salary for people

After some time, the one who played the games can only maintain a dialogue with other players and establish itself through virtual victories. The second friend engaged in freelancing, already close to success and began to reveal the secret of financial independence.

It would seem that two friends led the same life, but in life they needed to prioritize, and a long gap showed who acted competently.

Why do people have different wages ? Yes, because each of us makes his own choice and if you have settled on a factory for 10,000 rubles, this is your personal problem. In addition to the choice of work (in our example, it was the same), it is necessary to prioritize life.

By giving preference to useless actions, it will be almost impossible to succeed. Spending free time with pleasure, and creating support for your finances, you will not only increase your earnings, but also gain invaluable experience, without which, according to many wealthy people, it is difficult to achieve positive results.

Why do people have different salary, job search

It is not necessary to use the Internet exclusively, because each person has his own views on life, interests and priorities. You can create assets in various ways, renting an apartment, opening your own business or setting up a regular multi-cashier office in one of the nearest stores.

Think for yourself what you want, get recognition in the virtual world and continue to live as an ordinary person, or strive for a successful life, even if it is not taking long steps.

Having created a certain number of assets, you will be able to permanently leave your work and live in clover, while other people will be surprised at your actions. Among my friends there are a lot of people who worked in ordinary companies and at the same time were interested in creating assets.

Let it take them several years to develop their activities, but now they do not need to follow a clear schedule and listen to claims from the authorities.

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