Why do people go to YouTube?

The best way to make money on the Internet is to launch your own site. It is not necessary to create a site, you can limit the channel on the video hosting.

In order for it to actively develop, you need to download quality content. Videos should be thoughtful and interesting.

What do users want from YouTube? If you can answer this question, you will receive a secret formula for recording the best commercials.

We have already presented the rules of big earnings on YouTube, now we are replenishing the base. Having learned for what purpose people visit popular video hosting, it is easier to come up with the best ideas.

Why do people go to YouTube?

Various opinion polls help to deal with the goals of ordinary users of YouTube. Some come to the site just nothing to do (most of them). Others visit a resource with a specific task.

Let's look at the 3 most popular reasons to go to YouTube:

1. In search of entertainment. Most of the respondents answered that they were visiting video hosting without any purpose. They open a page with the most popular videos and are looking for something interesting. You can always find videos of interest, and in order not to choose from any rubbish, TOPs are viewed.

Based on this, you need to promote your video recordings and display them in the list of the most popular. We have a separate article on how to get a lot of views on YouTube. The rating on video hosting is constantly updated, the volume of viewers is the main factor when ranking.

2. Listen to the music. According to statistics, TOP 10 videos by the number of views are clips. People include music while cleaning the house, in parallel with online games, just relaxing or doing any work.

To shoot such videos, you need to be talented, and you should not use other people's songs, this is a violation of copyright. Although some video bloggers make different cuts and substitute background music, leaving references to the originals, a great option.

3. Find something useful. The third most popular reason for visiting YouTube is a search for instructions, tips, plans, and so on. This is a worthy option for recording video, because training videos are not difficult to record for any topic. For example:

  • photo processing lessons;
  • video recipes;
  • psychological advice;
  • auto mechanic recommendations;
  • instruction on site creation.

Think of anything under the theme of your channel. Cognitive videos interest many people, and if you choose a popular topic. No ideas come to mind? Not a problem, go to, enter a thematic query and get a bunch of good options.

Plus, will be able to assess the popularity of queries:

Why do people go to YouTube?

There are video bloggers who try to stuff their channel with videos with absolutely no related content. You should not do this, if there are several interests, it is better to launch additional channels. This is done by professionals, and in parallel, several sources of profit can be created at once.

Experienced webmasters are also trying to figure out why people go to YouTube, especially those who are suitable for the target audience.

Try to conduct your own survey, for example, if you have a Forex channel, then why do traders go to video hosting. So it will be easier to pick up the best ideas and score maximum views.

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