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This post is from the field of lyrics. Lyrics I call everything that does not relate directly to the subject of the blog, i.e. ... (see under headings). Not one dozen times each of you have seen Finstrips. At one time, such reports became a sort of “try who have more.” For some, it became a motivation for self-expression, for others - the realization that “I am a complete noob and I don’t have anything to do on the Internet”, for others - steps to achieve the next profit . Anyway, everyone is pleased to look at the large multi-digit numbers of earnings.

Everyone looks, everyone sees, everyone gasps and groans that such money can be earned. Tin! But ... Why then the vast majority earn pennies? ... And how much is a penny? For example, 100 bucks is a penny?

Why do they earn so little?

I’ll say straightforwardly and toughly (in the Freeman style), without offense. You don't do shit to change something in your life. A bunch of educational material on SEO, programming, webmastership, design, etc. is easy to find on versions and torrents. Download, learn, practice. So no ... Download, watch ... someone will remember something from all downloaded (thanks for the traffic) ... and ... units will be used in practice.

And the whole question is what? Remember, stab yourself on the nose, jag, burn with a stigma, tattoo, paint on a wall or fence ... In short, do so that you always see these words:





When you hear this word, what does it associate with? Military discipline, school discipline, labor ... Military is more appropriate, since it is more pronounced and tough. This is what is missing in the fight against laziness. Discipline is maintained with the help of punishments for its violation and rewards for its observance. What then is self-discipline? Self-discipline - control of one’s own behavior, cultivating in oneself willpower .

Self-discipline does not arise by itself. She is raised. How and how? Promotions and punishments. Motivation can even be a reward. A good example of self-discipline is the state of a man in love. See you sweetheart, he was barefoot, woke up late, went to bed late, ate something like that, etc. When Cupid bummed him and he got a backlink, then hoo ... Blood started to sing, the brain began to work. I think that on a date he will fly in and be on time like a bayonet at five in the morning, right? Here it is. Motivation.


You know, this word is consonant with the words “autopilot” and “adaptation”. When a person aspires to his goal and he desires it very much, then everything he does contributes to the achievement of his goal. Rather, this explanation is better attributed to dedication. Yes, where there is no organization. When a person says (after watching the next portion of the Finstrip): “Everything! I’ll start living on Monday”, he will never start living not only on Monday, but also from Wednesday and Wednesday, etc. Why? Because he postpones, but it’s too lazy to take a step, it’s not wanting to change your comfort zone, to go beyond the framework right now, right now and start doing something else No, such a person is waiting for the right moment (Monday) to do something it’s something new, but within its comfort zone. It’s sewn up. An organized person is like a clock. He knows what to do. What to do and when. What will help him with this?


When I passed various business trainings, we were always, at each training, taught, educated, hammered in, that goals need to be written down on paper, speak them, remind them to yourself every day. There is one simple rule that has already become an axiom. "Recorded goals are achieved 10 times more often than just spoken out loud" . Why? Hmm ... I will give my personal example from life. My wife and I were planning a lot of things, spending money to purchase some things. On trifles, they were always enough, and the bigger ones were difficult. The whole reason was that we constantly had to remember what to buy and when, and what we did not forget. After that, they wrote everything on a piece of paper and hung it in a prominent place. When they bought something, they deleted it from the list. Things went faster and the money was planned more reasonably and more balanced.

The main thing when planning is to specify a deadline. If you create your website, when should it be completed? If in a week, when should its main page be made, the subject defined, the semantic core made up, etc.? List all the points and limit each step in time. Cross off what you did. So you will see the whole picture of events, and not remember what you have done there or what you have missed somewhere. Everything should be reflected on paper.

Still for thinking, see the cartoon:

Start changing your life right now.

One more thing to think about. Is there really no place to buy links other than exchanges? Here is an example of a person in charge who sells bundles of links. This can be used for both client-side SEO and promotion of their sites (for the latter, of course, more likely). What is the difference, you ask? And the difference is that such links are more natural. And such sites often do not participate in link exchanges. Therefore, the return on such links will be greater.

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