Why do I need photos Wmmail? | Workion. ru

The click sponsor of Wmmail differs significantly from its counterparts in that only this mailer has wide functionality.

More and more people are starting to use this particular service to make money online, and their choice is obvious. In addition to simple tasks and surfing, there is a section with games, an article store and even a section for storing photos.

Why do I need Wmmail Photos? This question was often asked by users of this mailer, after updating the system. Now a lot of time has passed since the opening of the section with photos and is using it quite actively.

Not only upload their photos here, but also share various content, upload screenshots, add funny pictures, and so on.

Photos on Wmmail

Thanks to the new section, this mailer is somewhat closer to social networks. Now Wmmail users not only work, but also have fun in one place. Additional registration at Fotki. wmmail is not required, you can go to this tool from the main menu (Communication section):

Why do I need photos Wmmail? | Workion. ru

After moving to the section, you will see a new menu, and the icons with the count of your albums are located above and uploaded photos:

Why do I need photos Wmmail? | Workion. ru

Also here is a list with the last uploaded images. For fun, you can see how it all works, but now the section is most often used for work. For example, if a task requires you to send a screenshot, you can upload it into pictures and easily transfer it to the advertiser.

To upload a picture in the main menu, click "Upload Photo" and after that a simple form will appear:

Why do I need photos Wmmail? | Workion. ru

Choose a file on your computer, specify the album and location Wmmail logo. Correctly select the section of the downloaded image and press the button "Download". We remind you that advertising, foul language and violation of the laws of the Russian Federation will lead to image blocking.

When the pictures or images are uploaded, you can go to the album and select one of them:

Why do I need photos Wmmail? | Workion. ru

For example, we downloaded the picture with the car, and now it is in one of the albums. Click on it, and it opens in large format. Under it there will be a block with links for insertion:

Now we can use the link to the picture, for example, to send a report. And we can also use insert codes to add an image to the gazebo theme. A choice of two options, the usual insert or insert with a spoiler.

Photos on Wmmail is a useful tool that can be useful to you even outside this project. For example, if you need to send someone a picture or photo, simply upload it to the album and send a direct link.

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