Why do customers leave the site? Why does nobody buy anything?

Business on the Internet seems to be one of the best directions for creating sources of profit.

Many people launch projects online and constantly work on them to make the most profit possible. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this, and even high attendance and effective advertising do not always help.

Why do customers leave the site? There are quite a few reasons for this, but we have picked up the most common shortcomings that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Do you want your resource conversion to be high? Be sure to understand the reasons why visitors refuse to use your offers.

Why do customers leave the site? Why does nobody buy anything?

Nobody buys anything and does not use services, why?

  1. Call to action. Even beginners know that visitors need to be motivated to certain actions. How exactly you will do this is up to you, but there must be a call to action. In some cases, it is on the site, but not clearly compiled, and therefore does not bring good results.
  2. There is no price. What factors of goods and services do you most often pay attention to? Of course, on the price. No user will take advantage of your offer, if he does not know how much money he will have to spend. That is why you can not hide prices, and if they are too high, be sure to explain the reasons for this.
  3. No feedback. When placing an order or considering any proposal, potential customers may have questions. Who should answer them? The owner of the resource, and if you can not contact him, it is better to contact another company.
  4. Incorrect description. Most often in the descriptions of goods and services beginners prescribe the main points, but they forget about one of the simple rules. It is not necessary to explain to the client how good a product you offer him, better tell him why he needs it and how profitable it is for him.
  5. Not effective headlines. Not many people pay much attention to headlines, but this should not be neglected. Bright, thoughtful, informative and attractive headlines may already be an occasion to make an additional transition on your site, which increases the chances that the visitor will be interested in something.
  6. Follow the idea. Development of your project should begin with some idea that you should follow. If there are too many of them and you want to use several options at once, then remember that this may cause information overload. Focus on something important, and only then use other ideas.
  7. Poor design. A very common problem that is observed in many newcomers. Not wanting to spend money on a professional designer, they are trying to develop the design of the resource themselves and thereby make a mistake. From the appearance of the site is already the first impression, do not stint on it.

Each of these 7 reasons may be a problem for your business. It doesn't matter what you sell and what services you provide, you need to take care that everything is done correctly, and potential customers feel comfortable.

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