Why do copywriters need to use sources?

The impressive part of copywriters, who consider themselves professionals, are not.

Freelancers do not have any documents on education, so it’s impossible to verify that they have the necessary knowledge. And most often, the very expression of a person speaks about the lack of professionalism.

Practically all copywriters answer with confidence that they do not use other sources, and also that this is the lot of beginners and re-writers.

In fact, they make a serious mistake. Why do copywriters need to use sources? In addition to copying information from sources, they come in handy for a number of other purposes.

Why do copywriters need to use sources?

Why would someone else copy the article?

  1. Training. The first and most important point. An experienced author will never shout about his level of knowledge, but on the contrary, he will not refuse from additional training. Reading each quality post is a peculiar training. It is necessary to develop their knowledge in different directions, and the study of other materials is a great option.
  2. Comparison. Much is learned in comparison, and articles are no exception. Each copywriter can compare his work and those materials that are in the TOPs of the search engines or won prizes in any competitions. Why do you need it? To understand what your texts lack for their quality.
  3. Ideology. Every copywriter is a person with a huge stock of ideas. Periodically, the authors experience a creative crisis or their ideas simply get bored. What to do? Visit other people's sources and borrow an idea. We are talking not only about the idea for the theme of one article, but in general about writing styles.
  4. Improvement. Experienced optimizers, ordering texts from copywriters, always send them links to pages located in TOP, so that authors can see what the client needs. At the expense of another source, you can set a bar that needs to be overcome to get the best material.
  5. Additions. Using 10 different sources of information, it is possible to significantly increase the compiled material with various additions. For example, for copywriters, this is important, since their income is directly dependent on the volume of the material produced. Most importantly, these additions do not greatly increase the water in the text.
  6. Copy. Copy the text is prohibited, but here it is not about that. You can partially copy ideas, paragraphs, styles, and more to get effective material. As a rule, in order to get a successful selling page, several options are created at once, and then their conversion is evaluated. In this case, all these steps are skipped, and to obtain the ideal material, an effective text is taken as the basis.

Experienced copywriters must use search results before they start writing an article.

Use other people's publications with benefit, of course, you don’t need to copy data from them, but there are other options for using them, and now you know about it.

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