Why do companies conduct surveys? study your customers

Almost all Internet users know that there are projects on which they pay money for participating in surveys (Anketka. Ru). Such projects represent logos of famous brands, but do they cooperate with them? Most likely, yes, since the information obtained is used in building a marketing strategy.

Why do companies conduct surveys? The goal is to get as much data as possible about the target audience. Knowing your client is very important, because due to this you can choose the perfect ways to advertise, create effective offers and choose the right incentives for clients.

Why do companies conduct surveys? study your customers

Do you know your customers?

Most often, e-business owners are limited to such knowledge about their customers as age, gender, financial situation, and some preferences. To achieve maximum return, you need to study clients in more detail, and if you use Email, you will not be hard pressed to fill out a form for a small fee in the form of a discount.

You still have doubts that knowing your customer is important?

Consider a few examples and dispel your doubts:

  • Example 1. Suppose you managed to find out that the majority of your clients are men aged from 43 years old, who have minor children, and their income level does not exceed $ 31,000 per year. With this information, you will need to start looking for newsletter authors whose target audience fits these parameters. It is extremely difficult to find such a base; nevertheless, there are those who make up these bases and provide their use for a certain fee. The probability to allocate target customers will be enormous.
  • Example 2. You conducted a study and found that more than 50% of customers told about you to their friends? So you should think about creating stocks like "Call a friend, and take away the goods cheaper." Practice has shown that not all promotions bring equal benefits to all entrepreneurs, so before you launch this promotion, you need to be sure that it will interest customers.
  • Example 3. Through various surveys, you can find out which interests are most often found among the majority of clients. Suppose they prefer to use the services of massage therapists as a relaxation. A great option for developing a new promotion, entering into a partnership with another company. Any idea, gift coupons, additional bonuses, incentives for the most active, holding competitions with the main prize - a massage subscription and much more will work here.
  • Example 4. In the survey, you can find out where your customers find out about your products (services). The question of the source of information is found in surveys most often, and why it is added, obviously. By identifying the most effective option to attract customers, you can build the best marketing strategy using certain methods to find customers. It is worth noting that in this case it’s not necessary to limit yourself to the “Television”, “Internet” question and answer questions, in order to get really high-quality information, ask on which site the client saw your advertisement.

Why do companies conduct surveys? study your customers

Examples can be given to infinity, but most likely, having learned this information, you have no doubt about the need to "study" your customers. Be careful, and in the registration forms on your sites, specify additional fields to collect information.

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