Why did Adsense cost per click? Adsense revenue decline

A huge number of sites are monetized through the Adsense advertising system, and some webmasters even create MFA websites.

When using this method of earning on the site, it is necessary to set contextual advertising, and for each click on it, the site owner’s income is accrued.

The profit in this case depends on the cost per click and on the number of clicks on the advertisement. There are cases when the cost of a click decreases sharply, and this may be due to various reasons.

Why did Adsense CPC drop? In this article we look at the reasons that occur most often.

Why did Adsense cost per click? Adsense revenue decline

The fall in revenue from Adsense

  • the main reason for the reduction in CPC is the use of all kinds of markups. Even if you use attendance wrap, this can affect earnings, as Adsense takes into account impressions;
  • the cost can be reduced if, after switching to advertising, most of your visitors quickly leave the advertised resource. Therefore, it is not advisable to motivate people to click on the ad unit;
  • non-quality traffic is also considered to be one of the frequent reasons. It is desirable that the bulk of visitors were attracted from search engines;
  • the next reason is the addition of several Adsense ad units to the site. The more you post them, the lower the cost per click may be;
  • the last reason is the high concentration of advertising on the site. In this case, it is not only about contextual blocks, but also about all other advertising formats, even from other systems.

Why did Adsense cost per click? Adsense revenue decline

In general, the cost of a click is calculated using the serious algorithm , so it’s almost impossible to determine all the reasons for the cost reduction. If you had to deal with such a problem, then begin to eliminate the shortcomings that are described in the paragraphs above.

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