Why block sites? Why do sites block?

Periodically there are records on webmasters that someone has blocked the site and no longer has access to it.

Only a small part of all blocked resources were mistakenly considered to be violating, in most cases the authors of these sites themselves violated the laws.

Why are websites being blocked? There are many reasons why a site owner may lose his resource. Every newcomer should know about this, because no one would like to invest their work in the development of the site in order to lose everything in a matter of seconds.

We have collected the most common reasons why websites are blocked.

Why block sites? Why do sites block?

Why do sites block?

  1. Drug Promotion. With the advent of the registry, a huge number of sites that promote drugs, methods of their use and preparation, have become blocked. In some cases, sites are added to the registry, even those suspected of the violation.
  2. Child pornography. It's no secret that today's Internet is full of pornography, but the lawmakers decided to fight at least with its components. Therefore, in the appeared registry from 2012, all sites with child pornography appear.
  3. Promotion of suicide. Another reason why many sites were blocked. This also became forbidden with the advent of the registry. It was rumored that because of this, they could even block Vkontakte, which was filled with groups about suicide.
  4. Calls for unrest. The insurgents are now missing, and through the Internet, riots are often organized. In 2014, a law was passed that prohibits the dissemination of information calling for extremism.
  5. Pirate films. All those sites that contain players with movies on their pages have been subjected to merciless blockages. According to the law, at the first request of the author of the picture, the site may be blocked, anti-piracy law has been in effect for a long time.

Why block sites? Why do sites block?

There are many other reasons why they can block a resource. For example, you can lose the site if it violates any other laws of the Russian Federation, for example, copyright.

Before creating a site with an interesting idea, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the legislation.

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