Why are Vkontakte friends deleted? Reasons for deleting friends

Surely each of you has friends in social networks that are constantly annoying with their actions.

There are plenty of reasons to remove a person from friends, but some do everything to make them as you can quickly removed from the list of friends , and after that wonder why no one wants to be friends with them.

Why are Vkontakte friends removed? In this article we will look at several reasons why users delete friends. If you do at least one of the described actions, you may not be surprised at the rapid decrease in the number of friends.

Why are Vkontakte friends deleted? Reasons for deleting friends

Reasons for deleting friends Vkontakte

  1. There is a group of users who constantly delete their page, and then restore it. Some quickly get used to the behavior of one of the friends, and some remove them immediately after they see a dog instead of avatars.
  2. Constant nagging, idiotic statuses, abnormal pictures and other recordings can annoy your friends. Judge for yourself, not everyone likes to watch in the news feed stupid and uninteresting, and sometimes offensive posts.
  3. Another common reason for deleting from friends is trolling. In order not to read negative and unnerving comments, users close access to their profile from strangers, but trolls are sometimes found among friends. Do you like to provoke people to aggression and often leave negative comments? Do not be surprised that friends are deleted.
  4. If you were saving up friends for a long time and suddenly noticed that many started to be deleted, perhaps this is due to a change in the avatar. When a profile picture is a product or a sign, most people remove such fakes from friends.
  5. Often friends of Vkontakte are deleted because they upload compromising photos. Everyone has unsuccessful photos that I would not like to show anyone, and when someone of their friends loads them, and yes even marks you on them, you immediately want to delete it.
  6. Spam and advertising are already very much bored by everyone, therefore, messages coming from friends with various requests are rarely considered. Most people, when asked to vote or follow a link, delete a friend and mark messages as spam.
  7. Anything related to pornography and other prohibited content may cause the removal of friends. You join groups, add videos to yourself, publish candid photos on the page, and so on - all this makes your friends delete you.

Why are Vkontakte friends deleted? Reasons for deleting friends

In fact, there are much more reasons for deleting friends and only the main ones are described here.

Well, if you want a lot of friends, but no one accepts your application or quickly removes it, read how to get a lot of friends on Vkontakte. But remember that twisted friends can be deleted even faster.

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