Why are the prices for hosting different?

Using hosting services, each webmaster first evaluates the offers of different companies and then decides which services to use.

We already told you how to choose a quality hosting service, and price is one of the factors. Why is it all different? It's not just the company's desire to "cut down" more money from customers.

What are hosting providers taking money for? Of course, there are companies that overestimate the cost of services without arguing it with anything, but more often the high price of services indicates quality.

We need to consider not only tariff plans , because different providers have additional functions and quality of service, therefore prices can vary greatly.

Why are the prices for hosting different?

To demonstrate a vivid example of the fact that the cost of hosting depends on the quality of services, let's consider a vivid example. To do this, we will take the cheapest rates on popular hosting and:

Why are the prices for hosting different?

The difference is 20 rubles, this is not so much if we consider the monthly payment. In a year, the difference will be 240 rubles.

On for 100 rubles give 2 GB. disk space and you can host 10 sites. For TimeWeb for 120 rubles you can add only 4 sites, the place is given the same.

It seems that it is more profitable to use Webhost1 , but you need to take into account other features of providers. The company TimeWeb does not just take a big payment, in addition to renting a dedicated server, there is a VDS here.

Beginners can use the site builder, hosting for 1C is separately created and there are many other minor advantages.

It is possible to compare providers by a huge number of indicators. Even the term of the companies speaks about their stability. Again, back to the selected hosting.

If Webhost1 is only 6 years old, then TimeWeb has been providing services for 13 years. Cases with the closure of hosting sites have already been, so you need to choose only the best.

As you can see, hosting providers charge higher fees for customers for a reason. Taking this opportunity, I would like to advise fast and reliable EuroBayt hosting.

In addition to quality services, the company offers a lot of additional features and transfers websites from other hosting sites free of charge.

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