Why are the chips in a casino of a different color? Multi-colored casino chips

By visiting different casinos, including virtual ones, each player may notice that the chips are of a different color.

This was done for a reason and the value of the chip can be determined from their colors. This has been used for a long time, but many newbies do not know about it, so they get confused when they make bets.

Why are the chips in a casino of a different color? First, it is convenient for the players themselves, and secondly, it affects the security. In real casinos, players are being watched and guarded, due to the color of the chips, they quickly learn what actions are performed by the player.

In virtual casinos, this is no longer relevant, but the chips remained in the traditional colors.

Why are the chips in a casino of a different color? Multi-colored casino chips

Multicolored chips at the casino

Nobody hides how this or that chip has a face value. Values ​​are known to all experienced players:

  • White and Blue - $ 1
  • Red - $ 5
  • Green - $ 25
  • Black - 100 $
  • Purple - $ 500
  • Orange - $ 1000

Now there are many casinos on the Internet where you can bet up to one dollar, so color schemes can , a little different, but an experienced player should still understand this.

The colors in the casino are also used for the tables, so that players can immediately find out which minimum bet is used. For example, if you sit at the red table with blackjack, then the minimum bet would be appropriate - $ 5.

Are other colors used?

They are used in the virtual niche, but in real casinos you are unlikely to see chips of other colors. Once, one of the Las Vegas gambling establishments tried to change colors, and they introduced black chips with a par value of $ 1. Due to this, they gave their players the opportunity to use solid-looking chips, but to make small bets.

But this did not last long, the rest of the gambling companies quickly forced them to abandon this advertising move.

All black chips of $ 1 each were withdrawn from circulation, which was motivated by the fact that fraudsters could use chips in other gambling establishments. And the traditions were violated, and people and companies who "play" not by the generally accepted norms and rules, never love.

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