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Blogs appear on the Internet at a tremendous speed, and official statistics show that they are opening more and more every day.

This is not surprising, because many people decide to start making money on a blog, since even professionals consider this way of working remotely as one of the best.

The active emergence of new blogs has an effect on the development of competition, so it is better to choose a narrow topic of the resource. Why are subject-specific blogs better? There are a number of reasons to give preference not to a broad topic, but only partially to touch upon it, and perhaps in the future, after the development of the site, to expand the "borders" a bit.

Why are subject-specific blogs better? | Workion. ru

Narrow topics of the blog are better than

We will provide you with a list of all the advantages of narrow-topic blogs:

  1. For account of a narrow subject of the resource, it will be much easier for you to attract regular visitors and collect subscribers to the newsletters.
  2. Choosing a narrow topic will present you on the good side, and blog visitors will find you a professional in a chosen field. Plus, it will be easier for you to prove your professionalism.
  3. It is much easier to promote sites with a narrow theme. You can be sure that search engines will give you high positions, because your project will be more relevant (in general).
  4. Making money on subject-specific blogs is also easier. Direct advertisers send invitations to owners of such resources much more often.
  5. Contextual advertising on sites with a narrow theme is accompanied by a high cost per click. It is easy to explain, as the target audience of the project is defined, and advertising becomes more effective.
  6. Whatever topic you choose, you will have the opportunity to create an information product and, through your resource, ensure its sales.
  7. Natural links best help in promoting the site, and according to statistics, webmasters more often refer to narrowly themed projects.

Why are subject-specific blogs better? | Workion. ru

Here are 7 good reasons to create a site with a narrow theme. The audience you will attract will be targeted, and this is a huge plus. At the very least, you will know exactly what your users need and will be able to make them reliable offers. Even with affiliate programs, you will definitely have high conversion rates.

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