Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

Thousands of users log on to their Vkontakte pages every day, and some cannot even spend a day without it.

The network is really interesting and new instructions for using it are constantly being added to Workion. Many people want to keep track of visitors to their page, but it's not at all difficult to do.

Who visited my page on Vkontakte, how to find out? Do not download any programs, as along with them you can bring viruses to the computer.

To find out who visited the Vkontakte page, just launch the special application . Now we will explain in detail how to find it and how to use it.

Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

My Guests application. Know guests Vkontakte

Regular readers of our blog already know how to stay Offline, where to download free themes and what extensions for Vkontakte it is better to use.

A special application was created to check people visiting other people's profiles, called "". You will need to add it to your page, to do this, go to the "Applications" section and specify the name in the search:

Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

After starting the application, you need to wait a little, after which the system will check , and you will receive a large list of people visiting your page. In this case, you can easily determine when exactly they visited the profile:

Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

There are several other functions in this application that may be useful to you. You can see who most often comes in and puts likes (in the fans section). There is also a section where you can order an increase in guests.

It is not free, payment is made by votes:

Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

In order not to spend your money, read the article about free votes on Vkontakte. But this is still not the last function, since you can view the guests of the Vkontakte page with your friends.

It's free, just go to the section "All about friends":

Who visited my page Vkontakte how to find out?

For convenience, you can filter the list and see frozen pages or visit the pages of users who have not logged in for a long time.

In addition, in the application " My guests ", you can track who is removed from friends. Statistics starts to be kept from the moment the application is first launched.

Vkontakte site has the broadest functionality, but some simply do not know about the existence of additional tools. Now you know that you can follow those who visit your page not only on Odnoklassniki, but also on Vkontakte.

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