Who in a crisis live well? Who is not affected by the crisis?

The third crisis in Russia has led many people to think about their future. Already, analysts have noted a decline in deposits at banks and numerous withdrawals from deposits.

People try to survive against rising prices of products, things, rising payment bills and so on.

To live well in a crisis? This may seem surprising, but there are people who benefit from the crisis. Perhaps this is not a material benefit, but it is. It is unlikely that you are one of them, so survival tips in a crisis will be useful to you.

Who in a crisis live well? Who is not affected by the crisis?

Who is not affected by the crisis?

The dollar rose high and it is obvious that the financial condition of people with foreign assets has improved. There is no point in talking about this, so we will consider other groups of people whom the crisis helps:

  1. Those who earn in dollars are certainly lucky, because their salary has increased more than 2 times. Someone will say that these are units, in fact there are thousands of them. Now the Internet is actively used for earnings. For example, some use earnings for creative people with Etsy and sell their goods to foreign buyers.
  2. In general, the crisis has become a new time for development for many creative people. People have no money for something expensive, so they began to use the services of non-popular masters and turn to them for help. Those leading weddings can count on a greater number of orders, because inviting stars has become expensive.
  3. Journalists also belong to a group of people who are not very affected by the crisis. While in the country a difficult time, they had a huge amount of work. The basics for reporting appear every day, somewhere the family cannot repay the loan, someone took a strike because of a currency mortgage and so on.
  4. To whom the crisis certainly did not hurt the crisis, so are the politicians. Do you think their salaries have been cut? This is unlikely, they get the same, or even more. Plus, the troubles in the country can now be attributed to foreign sanctions and to withdraw suspicious views from themselves and close their mouths to those who shout that deputies do not work.
  5. To many bosses, the crisis helped to solve the problem of staff reduction. If earlier they could not find the reasons for the dismissal of almost half of the employees, now it can be done without problems. Of course, negative moments in their work also appeared, but now we are considering only those who are helped by the crisis.
  6. Lazy and talkative people also like the poor economic situation in the country. Some came up with the cause of their disasters, while others found a huge number of topics for discussion. This also includes people who have all the topics of the conversation end with accusations against the state.

Now great attention is paid to difficulties in financial terms , and they cloud the eyes of people. Many even began to look for where it is better to live in a crisis, hoping for a temporary move.

Indeed, it has become easier for politicians to justify themselves, because when they are asked about something, they answer “But where are there when there are such problems in the country”. And the most interesting thing is that they themselves have brought the state to a state where some foreign sanctions strongly affect living conditions.

Who in a crisis live well? Who is not affected by the crisis?

According to analysts, it is not worth waiting for improvements in the economy in the coming year. If you have any savings, see where to invest in a crisis. Even a small amount can become a financial pillow that will help out in more difficult times.

It is hard for almost everyone to survive in a crisis, but for some such conditions are even beneficial. Unfortunately, most of them had real problems, and they can only be eliminated through a part-time job. It's good that you can always make money on the Internet, even without special skills, you can count on additional profits.

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