Who are search engine assessors? site rating

Quite often in various forums there are questions related to the activities of search engine assessors.

Many people know that there are search engine workers who manually evaluate pages, their relevance, check the quality of sites and other work, which is often performed by a special algorithm.

Who are the assessors of search engines? These people are really engaged in the manual work that algorithms perform. Such workers appeared in 2003, when Google decided to introduce manual rechecks. In Yandex assessors appeared a little later - in 2006. Their duties are about the same.

Who are search engine assessors? site rating

Sites are not evaluated by a robot?

No, in general, they are checked by an automatic system, and assessors are taken for checking when situations are controversial . Imagine a situation if two webmasters with practically identical resources (attendance, authority, age of the site, etc.) added materials on the same topic and correctly optimized them for the same query.

The algorithm is not able to divide the position, so this work is shifted to assessors.

It is worth noting that assessors are not the last stage of checking a site, therefore they cannot independently establish positions. Their job is to check the sites, by ordinary users. That is, go to the site, see if the information is relevant to it, as it is stated, whether it is spammed, and so on.

But do not think that the work of the assessor is very simple. Serious documentation is maintained for its implementation, and each employee must follow clear instructions. On the Internet you can find analogues of such documents.

Who are search engine assessors? site rating

How is the assessment set?

Assessors cannot freely express their impression of a resource. They need to set a certain rating (for example, spam, not relevant, relevant, etc.). Based on these estimates and other data (which is not specified), search engines assign certain positions to sites.

A lot of information about assessors who are not permanent employees are distributed in the network, but work on piecework and get a small amount of working hours. For example, they do work for 10-20 hours a week (pay about $ 10 per hour), and when a year goes by, they are removed from their posts and wait for them to be invited again for evaluation.

Perhaps this information is not entirely accurate, but this is how it is described by those who had to do with it. If you are interested in such work, then on this page you can apply. Try to tell about yourself as much as possible, and also tell us about your network experience, because the assessor’s outlook must be very broad.

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