White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

The Internet is perceived by people differently. Someone thinks this is the best place to make money, while others think that only fraudsters operate on the network. Yes, there are a lot of scam, anonymity allows attackers to turn different dark schemes, but there are enough honest ways.

White, gray and black schemes for earning money on the Internet in 2018 - we decided to collect all the popular methods and combine them into several categories. We recommend using white methods, gray ones are somehow connected with something illegal or partial deception. And all the dark approaches are presented only for reference, so as not to stumble upon scammers.

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

Is it realistic to make money on the Internet and what do you need for this?

If you earn honestly, then you need to be a programmer, to be able to create websites, trade on Forex - this is how newbies think. In fact, absolutely any skills help to earn income online. If they are not there, then you can use the easiest ways or learn something.

Now you can find a lot of paid methods, different e-books and video courses. Do not waste money, free earnings schemes are no different. For example, on our blog several thousand articles have already been posted, which tells about various methods and proven services.

To start working remotely, it is not necessary to make contributions or to learn something over the years. You just need to set aside a little time, be ready to learn and register an e-wallet. Here, no one transfers money to the card (in rare cases), so you need to register:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Choose at least one of the services, the wallet number will be indicated on the sites or used to transfer money to your card. It is not difficult to use such accounts, but you will have to go through identification, there is a law in Russia that obliges you to provide passport data in order to combat fraud.

White schemes of earnings on the Internet

Recently I came across the post "Draining of schemes of earnings" in which it was told about contributions to various stocks of little-known companies. After a little digging, it turned out that all these companies were created by one person in one day. Obviously, another scam, and the article said about the problem of fraudsters and deception.

No one can be trusted if you choose the method of earning, then only time-tested or launch something of your own:

1. Cheat on social networks. The first option is universal, it will suit absolutely everyone, because it is extremely simple. From accounts in social networks, anyone can put likes, make reposts, retweets and so on. For such actions also pay money, small about 50 kopecks. , but you first think about how many tasks you can complete in at least an hour:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

All services with cheat are presented in the article about earnings in social services. networks. There you will find detailed instructions. It’s quite realistic to collect several hundred rubles per day, the main thing is to use several projects and use all of their profiles. At least, for the payment of mobile communications and the Internet just enough.

2. Copywriting. Continuous part-time job development. If you actively work, it is realistic to reach the average income, not lower than the usual salary (25-40 thousand rubles). What do we have to do? Write articles to order or sell finished materials on exchanges. The second option is easier, because you can choose what you understand. What other authors write about:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

Site owners buy articles, they only see the title. We recommend working at Advego, this exchange is the largest, paying in dollars and you can withdraw money directly to the card. In addition, there are minor tasks, as in services with wrapping. Only the requirements for the quality of texts are high, if they do not accept work, put it on. This is also a quality exchange with payments on Webmoney.

3. Freelance. In search of remote work, you must look at the freelance exchanges. They offer different projects and vacancies for specialists from any field. Marketers, designers, programmers, video editors, photographers, and so on. There is also a general job for those who do not have experience or skills:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

Everything is fair, you choose an order, you contact the client, details are discussed, perhaps prepayment is paid. Do the work, send it to the customer and get the rest of the money. Exchange acts as a guarantor, but just in case, it is better to check the account of the employer. When a rating is typed and reviews appear, they themselves begin to contact you.

4. Information business. A more complicated but promising option. White business scheme on the Internet with infographics. They need to create their own or order from freelancers. After that, sell online. For how much, to whom and how to advertise, decide for yourself.The case is highly profitable, and in order not to be engaged in sales on your own, you can attract partners:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

Here is an example of one of the infographics that costs 2990 rubles. Its author offers partners to earn on attracting customers at 1,270 rubles. Already paid 702 thousand rubles, then the author earned almost 950 000 rubles. And this is from the sales of one system, because you can create them all you want. Learn how infobusiness professionals build, and you can start by connecting to affiliate program. Try to sell a few products for commission.

5. Partnership programs. They can be associated not only with infographics. Attracting people to different sites brings a good profit. You can advertise services, credit cards, clothing from online stores and receive payments for all this. For example, the well-known Kaspersky Anti-Virus is ready to give 15% of the payment by new users:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

If the person you have invited buys a license for 1000 rubles, you will immediately receive 150 rubles. You can search for them among real friends, on social networks, on forums and in other ways. Only use the best affiliate programs, not all conditions are favorable, and some goods (services) are simply not in demand.

6. Channel on YouTube. Another white scheme with good prospects. Create a channel without attachments and engage in its promotion. When many subscribers are going, you can monetize the site through advertising, affiliate programs, direct advertisers, or even sell their products. To successfully conduct business, we recommend a selection of feature articles:

  • earnings on links to products from Aliexpress;
  • free promotion on YouTube;
  • which videos collect a lot of views;
  • YouTube's big money rules;
  • 4 ideas for the YouTube channel.

It’s difficult to start, no one is watching downloaded videos, subscribers are not active. You need patience and PR in any way possible. Over time, income will grow, just take your time with monetization. The priority should be the quality of the rollers, the money will not begin to drip immediately.

7. Own site. According to the same work flow of earnings, the Internet launches its own resources. This could be a blog, forum, online store, any service. Invest or not, decide for yourself. Here you also have to rely on prospects. To quickly get income, you can buy a ready-made site for:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

This is the largest auction, there are always lots, there are detailed statistics on sites. The method is simpler, but when you start your project from scratch, you better understand it and it is easier to improve it in the future. Regarding income, no restrictions, the higher the attendance, the more you can earn.

8. Earnings on cryptocurrencies. We are simply obliged to include cryptocurrencies in the earning schemes of 2018. Modern trend, coins are constantly becoming more expensive and new tokens appear. There are several ways to get income here, it all depends on the availability of start-up capital. There are free methods, we recommend:

  • to invest in Bitcoins;
  • to invest in the most promising cryptocurrency;
  • cloud mining;
  • Bitcoin cranes ;
  • Bitcoin earning sites.

You can collect any coins or their shares, let them give you a little now, in a few months or years, their value can greatly increase. The best example has already shown Bitcoin. When these coins first appeared, their cost was less than a cent, in 2013 it rose to $ 135, and now 1 BTC = $ 7463:

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

And this is against the background of the decline, in January, the price reached $ 20,000. Who managed to join the topic, earned millions. It's not too late to become an investor, Bitcoin prices have now sunk, and analysts predict a rise in the coming years. In addition, there are many other promising altcoins. You can buy coins and forget about it for a while.

Gray money earning schemes in the network

There are not entirely honest or related to something forbidden money earning schemes without investments. You need to know about them too, because they are workers. Whether you can do this, decide for yourself, but be prepared for the fact that negative things can spill over you. On the other hand, the money will be able to raise more with less effort:

  1. Economic investment games. Created many games with the withdrawal of money, in fact it is disguised pyramid schemes. In them, players are enriched only by the investment of new users. On the sites, everything is done in a game format - build your city, hire miners, buy cars for taxis and get passive income from them:

    White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

    Money really comes to the account, but payments are limited to points, who give only for attracting referrals. Many authors do not talk about this, because they need refs to make money.If there are no payment points in the game, then it will not work for a long time, payments will quickly exceed the top up and the service closes.

  2. Earnings schemes Volcano and other gambling. Gambling has always been profitable for partners and owners of online casinos. It's no secret to anyone, the generators on such sites are twisted and you will not get a fair game. In addition, gambling is banned in Russia, but some projects are still available. You can join their affiliate programs and receive interest from deposits of attracted players.
  3. Traffic arbitration through pay. This option can be attributed to the black schemes of earnings, because when using it, you need to deceive people. Through affiliate programs with SMS you need to attract traffic. Explaining in simple language - you invite a person to a special site, where under various pretexts he is asked to enter a phone number. Then he sends a paid SMS or activates a subscription and a small amount is deducted from his account every day. To attract a large audience, advertising services are used or advertising is ordered directly from the site owners. All advertising costs pay off, profits are high.
  4. Work webcam model. Although we have attributed this scheme to gray, nobody here is deceiving anyone. Just work web model is associated with erotica. Models in chat rooms get paid for undressing and making a show. It is clear that the majority perceives such an idea negatively, but first it is worth knowing about incomes. Experienced models ways to collect more than $ 30,000 per month. They block their cities and countries, work only with foreigners. Someone registers with a pair, does makeup so that no one will know, and so on. Some girls enjoy this communication.

It is possible that some of these gray schemes will seem interesting to you. Also, they will be useful for expanding the horizons, if you yourself ever get to the site with paid SMS or promise you a large passive income in the investment game. Now you at least know how everything is arranged in them.

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

Black Earnings Schemes - Fraud

We are against cheating, so we don’t advertise any dark schemes. We'll talk about the most common methods of fraud, just so you do not fall for the intruders. Newbies on the Internet are often deceived when they are looking for a side job. Be careful if you are offered:

  1. Handwork at home. Collection of pens, mosaics, a set of handwritten text - there are still ads with such offers, despite the fact that this is an old scheme of deception on the network. They promise to pay for the most simple actions, but first you need to send a certain amount to confirm the seriousness of your intentions or pay for the shipped consignment. Immediately after this, the employer disappears.
  2. Work without prepayment. Scammers are even on freelance exchanges. They offer to do some work, for example, to create posts for a VC group or to write a video review about the scam (he allegedly pays), and then they just throw. You must always require an advance payment, but beginners do not always meet, therefore they are at risk. If there is no prepayment, then at least look at the profile of the customer, there should be positive feedback and a high rating.
  3. Financial pyramids. They open daily, their developers lead aggressive marketing. Recently saw the pyramid "Scheme of earning 100-500 thousand rubles a day for 7 people." Just think, 100-500 thousand a day, does it seem to be true? And often the pyramids are disguised as other projects. It can be not only games, various funds, investment services and much more.

When communicating with a person on the Internet, one can never be sure that his profile contains real data. Moreover, if you are thrown, what will you do with this data? Even if you send a copy of your passport, it will be hard to prove something. Therefore, bypass the black schemes of earnings on the Internet, even if you are offered to join the topic for free.

White, black, gray money earning schemes on the Internet without investments 2018

How not to get caught up in the black schemes of earning on the Internet without investing?

scammers But not everything is so simple. Malefactors often turn out to be good psychologists and can convince. Apply different techniques and quickly decelerate the person, forcing him to perform the necessary actions. Be careful if you see work:

  • with overpaying (10,000 rubles a day);
  • minimum time (half an hour on weekends);
  • do not need any knowledge, skills, education;
  • are constrained by restrictions (only 3 places, 3 days);
  • do not explain in detail all the conditions and do not provide information.

Remember one truth - no one is interested in enriching another person.You will be paid for the work only if the customer benefits from it. Reviews are easily falsified, even videos are recorded, various documents are invented, scans are not submitted of real passports, and so on.

In this article we did not include another white scheme - earnings on clicks. A simple part-time job for beginners without investments.

Sale of earnings schemes is a profitable business, but we have tried to fit several options into one article at once and share them with our readers absolutely free. Choose any direction, start working today, so that the experience gained will help you grow faster. It is quite possible to bypass all the dark schemes and even build your own business through the Internet.

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