Which engine to choose for the site? Joomla or WordPress?

When newbies decide to create a website, they start choosing a content management system.

Today, this is the best option to develop a full-fledged resource without special knowledge. Of the wide variety, two free options stand out - is it WordPress and Joomla, but which one to use?

Joomla or WordPress? With such a question, topics are often created on forums, and in discussions there is active debate. I would just like to say that WordPress is simpler, and Joomla stands out for its flexibility, these are the main advantages of both engines, but on the basis of this data it is difficult to make a choice.

Which engine to choose for the site? Joomla or WordPress?

Most Joomla supporters consider the WordPress engine “wooden” and suitable only for creating blogs and information resources.

In their opinion, it is easy to launch a website through it and add new entries to it, but this is not quite a true statement. Yes, it is easier to use it, but this does not mean that it is suitable only for simple resources. WordPress even creates online stores and services, as among the plug-ins and extensions you can find a lot of add-ons for large projects.

As for Joomla, no less than large resources are created on this engine. Most often this platform is chosen because it is easier to create such a resource on it, which is located in the views of the webmaster.

Which engine to choose for the site? Joomla or WordPress?

Joomla’s capabilities are broader, and if you’re good at working with this engine, WordPress will seem really “wooden”. Some users are sure that soon Joomla will come out ahead, but for now it is second in popularity, and its main disadvantage is the difficulty of working with the engine.

It’s possible to argue that Joomla or WordPress is better for hours, but you have to make your own choice. When working with both engines, it can be concluded that WordPress rarely has problems with the incompatibility of any extensions, while Joomla is much more likely to edit the code manually.

If you do not have a sufficient level of knowledge and do not want to constantly visit webmasters' forums for help, it is better to use WordPress. Let this engine not open to you so many opportunities, you should not underestimate it.

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the widespread doubts about Joomla security. The latest versions of this engine are much better and now the level of protection of sites is just as good as on WordPress.

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