Where to see the history of Webmoney wallets?

Clients of the Webmoney payment system use a huge number of different functions.

In addition to all kinds of payments and transfers, you can receive and issue loans through the wallet. In order to avoid problems with the return, special title characters WMC and WMD have already been invented.

I make good money on the Internet (you can see the income statement), so my acquaintances periodically turn to me with requests to lend money.

For convenient transfer of money, you need to create a WMD wallet and provide loans from it, but when you give out a lot of money and a lot of people, you can get confused.

Where to see the history of Webmoney wallets?

For reasons unknown to me, the WMD wallet history was lost, it simply was not displayed, so you had to look for how to check the debts on the WMD wallet?

It turns out , it is not difficult to do this at all, and has been specially developed for this. All you need is to select a wallet and request a history (authorization is required):

Where to see the history of Webmoney wallets?

The statistics show all transactions, and also shows which purse the amount was sent to. You can select dates, it is convenient to track certain transactions. Also, using this page you can see the history and other wallets, which also comes in handy.

For the uninitiated, what is WMD and WMC?

If you have not used these title characters yet, you hardly have an idea what they are for. I will briefly explain to beginners what WMD and WMC are:

  1. WMD is a wallet for those who provide loans. Currency is equivalent to the dollar. Each unit in the account, it is the obligation of the borrower to return the money. For example, if there is $ 100 on a WMD wallet, it means that you owe so much.
  2. WMC is a wallet used for receiving loans. It displays the amount you need to give (also the equivalent of a dollar). You can create only one wallet of this type, via WM Keeper WinPro or WM Keeper WebPro.

The use of such title units is convenient when issuing or receiving loans. It is not difficult to open them, and if you often have to take or issue loans, it is better to create them right now.

It’s easy to check who and how much you need on Webmoney, and you have to keep track of this all the time, because some people do not consider it necessary to return the money on time. Follow the statistics and better not borrow money to those who constantly delay their return.

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