Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

Many sites have affiliate programs for mutually beneficial cooperation. Anyone can become a partner; they are paid a reward for inviting new users. The administration of the service gets a loyal client, all remain in the black.

Where and how to find referrals quickly and for free? An acute question, because you can earn big money on this.

Having gathered a huge team of active referrals, nothing is done at all. They spend money, earn them, use services and for all this profit drips.

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

Affiliate programs and earnings on referrals

It is not the first year that I myself have been engaged in attracting referrals to various projects. Based on my own experience I will say - it is profitable, but not so simple. Finding the target audience for each system is not easy.

Most often, income does not depend on the number of registrations, but on user activity. In order not to beat around the bush, I will show my statistics:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

This is the data from the click sponsor Wmmail, there you can invite newcomers who want to make money.

On this site there are 5 levels of affiliate program, i.e. a percentage of income comes not only from those you invited to the project, but also from the workers they invite (up to 5 levels in depth):

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

Multilevel referral networks are more profitable, but they are less common. The article - what is an affiliate program, presents 38 sites, where it’s profitable to invite referrals.

First, the revenues will be small, because you need to develop the network. Over time, profits increase, the main thing is to work immediately with several services.

The best way to find active referrals

Having tried many different ways, I came to the conclusion that the best way to find referrals in a project for free is to create your own website.

I have been blogging for several years, so I have millions of refs in various services. Their number continues to grow, because the texts remain online, they help people find a side job or a useful service.

Understanding programming and site building is not necessary. Designer Ucoz will help to start a simple site in just a couple of hours absolutely free. Then you can add your articles to it and start attracting people to different services.

By choosing this method you move along a promising path. Before making a profit, the road will become even longer, but in the future it will be possible to put the case on stream.

The site needs to be promoted, and it is easier to do this if you often publish high-quality and interesting content, so be prepared to write a lot.

If you do not want to do this or accelerate development, buy texts on the stock exchanges -


. Just keep in mind that they occupy high positions in the search engines, you need to understand the SEO optimization of articles.

Nowadays games with money withdrawal are relevant, I am often asked how to find referrals in. Make a free site on a narrow topic, add at least ten interesting articles to it, how to earn more, where to get money to buy birds, build a referral network, and so on.

Even if you can’t get high on the positions in the search, the resource will help convert traffic when using other methods to attract referrals.

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

5 working methods, where you can find referrals for free

To find a lot of referrals without investments, you have to work hard. The network is full of sites that are open to free communication. Each of them can be used to search for the target audience. Here are some great options that I have used or continue to use:

  1. Social networks.

They help to quickly find referrals, because they have a huge attendance. Millions of people come in social. network and spend a lot of time there. You can attract their attention with an interesting page, comments, bright posts, personal messages.

Large projects like Vkontakte are already overwhelmed with advertising, therefore ref. links are blocked there. Just for this, and its useful simple site. You will distribute a link to it, and from there people will go on ref. links.

Through the service

you can buy a bunch of accounts and send messages from them inviting people to different systems.

To avoid wasting time when sending messages, look for the target audience in the thematic groups. For example, inviting referrals to bookmakers from among the subscribers of the community "Predictions on sports."

You can also launch your group, but this will take more time and effort. But in the future, such a site like the site will help find a lot of referrals.

  1. Forums.

A huge number of forums are open for each user, you can post as many topics as you like and leave comments with links.Plus in the signature links are established that with a large number of messages also works.

The main thing is to search for thematic forums so that their audience is interested in the websites you are advertising.

Through the best SEO forums you can advertise website promotion services and attract referrals to them.

If you create topics, remember that there must be some idea in them. This may be a review, personal experience, a question. You can not just leave the ref. link, it is either banned, or no one will go into the topic.

Also choose other people's topics where you can recommend a particular service (for example, where forum users are interested in, where it is cheaper to order an advertisement).

  1. Video Hosting .

I started to run my channel on YouTube several years ago and now it has become an additional source of traffic, which also helps to find many referrals. It is not necessary to record videos about earnings in the Internet.

For example, many video bloggers are engaged in unpacking packages from China, collecting referrals for or on cashback services like. Come up with an interesting idea for the channel, then find a suitable affiliate program.

  1. Personal Recommendations .

Among acquaintances, it is also realistic to find referrals, but in this case you will have to carefully select services. Then not to blush for the fact that the pyramid collapsed, and your real friend lost money.

This is a great way to find active referrals, because in person you will be able to sort things out and explain to a person what to do. In particular, an option is suitable for inviting referrals to sites for earnings on the Internet.

  1. Spam and comments.

Despite the fact that attracting referrals via spam is prohibited in many affiliate programs, the method is working. Even bots are used for this, many programs have been developed that are capable of publishing comments with links on the machine.

Someone launches Email newsletters, others spam in groups of social networks. The options are full, but the quality of traffic is not high. It is better to use this method to search for refs in all sorts of pyramids or money-making games. Where immediately paid a percentage of the money invested by users.

Every time you publish a link, you need to use it. Remember that one user can become your referral in several projects at once. And if the system is multi-level, it makes sense to look for active partners. They will develop ref. network without your participation.

How to quickly recruit referrals?

Have you heard about motivated traffic? This is when people perform actions for reward. For example, they can be your referrals on different sites for a small bonus. The method is working, but in many affiliate programs it is forbidden to use it.

It is not difficult to create an assignment with a request to register and be active. People will have to pay for this, but the money is small and you can earn it on the same axle boxes, carrying out other people's orders. So, for this you need to do:

  1. Complete the registration (preferably on Wmmail), top up the balance, and then go to the advertiser panel to add a new task:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

  1. A form will open where you can specify any requirements for the contractor. Be sure to specify what you need to send to check:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

  1. In the settings of the task reward is set. If this is a regular registration, put the payment in 1-5 cents. If you want to be active, then 10-15 cents are better, although it all depends on the actions, in some cases they pay $ 5 for one registration:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

After launch tasks performers will send you to check the data. In this case, the logins under which they registered. It remains only to find the time to check them.
Most sites have no restrictions on motivated traffic.

It doesn't matter where the user came from, because the reward depends on his income. For example, you can find referrals in through the postal service. They pay for viewing ads, and affiliate program 7-tier.

Paid ways to find a lot of referrals

Having a starting capital, it is much easier to find referrals. Money can be invested in different directions, starting with the usual advertising, ending with a personal agreement with the owner of a site. Of the many available options, , select the most interesting ones:

  1. Order surfing sites.

The cheapest way to get people to click on links is to order surfing. The effectiveness of this method is not the highest, but if you direct people to sites for simple earnings in the network, they may be interested. Where to order transitions on the ref. link?

  • ;
  • Socpublic;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

At the same Vmail, you can get only 1000 $ 1.50 transitions of real people using the link. Do not expect that many will register, the majority will go only for a small fee.

  1. Link placement.

It is much more efficient to buy link placement on sites, but for this you have to pay a decent amount.

Owners of different sites are ready to advertise your referral link for money, you can negotiate with them directly or search for sites through the following services:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

The cost directly depends on how much the site is promoted. To save money, do not pay attention to puzmerki, choose the site for attendance. It is important for you that your link be seen by as many visitors as possible.

  1. Paid advertising.

This is one of the most efficient and convenient methods. Find referrals through advertising exactly work, the main thing is to choose a quality service, make attractive promo and pick up thematic sites.

These can be banners, teasers, links in blocks or even context. Order through these projects:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Create bright headlines and use catchy images. It is important that your ad is seen and clicked.

With any budget, you can really use it. Payment is different everywhere, somewhere for conversions, somewhere for clicks, and sometimes an advertising space is bought on the site for a certain length of time.

  1. Social media advertising.

Distribute Ref. link in social. networks is quite difficult. You can use the promoted groups and pages. Their owners are also willing to advertise for money.

If you search well, you can find many great deals. Choose platforms with a target audience through these services:

  • ;
  • ;
  • (groups of VK);
  • ;
  • .

Remember that much depends on how attractive the advertising post will look. To catch a large audience, look at other people's advertisements.

Well, do not forget to choose groups in which subscribers may be interested in the project where you recruit referrals.

  1. Buying or renting referrals.

On some sites, the functions of buying and receiving referrals for rent are available. These are mainly click sponsors. One of the most popular questions is how to recruit referrals to a Seosprint?

A well-known clique sponsor offers a fair where you can buy referrals. It is necessary to carefully evaluate each offer, often unreasonably high price is set:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

Really buy newbing referrals at a small price (5-15 rubles each) and hope that they will be invited for participants or begin to actively perform tasks.

As for the rent of referrals, it is usually available in foreign boxes. There, everything is more complicated and sometimes you can’t even check referral statistics, so the method is not the best.

It is easier to recruit referrals by ordering an advertisement; you will not have to do anything else. But you need to first test different methods and make sure that it is profitable. The income from referrals drips gradually, and advertising will have to be well spent.

Tips for finding and attracting referrals to any projects

You need to take earnings on referrals seriously. This direction requires a competent approach. Beginners often give up, never having achieved profit.

Why? Because it is difficult to assemble a large team, and without it, the profits drip scanty. To effectively collect referrals, listen to the recommendations:

  1. Do not fool people if a service does not bring $ 1,000 a month, better not to talk about it. Activity from users, you still do not get.
  2. By placing your referral link at different sites or ordering advertising, choose only the projects that match the topic.
  3. Be open to people, leave not only the link, but also contacts for communication. Perhaps a potential referral will have questions or he will need help.
  4. Having collected referrals on one site, try to attract them to the network on another resource. Even if the services are completely different, they may interest the audience.
  5. Help referrals not only to understand the work, but also to build their own network. Let the affiliate is not multi-level, but they will remain active.
  6. Before placing a ref. links make it a short version. Then people can not take the basis of the address of the site from it (some do not want to become referrals).
  7. Use at the same time several ways to search for referrals; in combination, they give greater effectiveness.
  8. If you decide to invest, do not spend all the money at once. Share the budget and analyze the results, you need to figure out what works more efficiently.
  9. Be patient, quickly recruit a lot of referrals is very difficult, so a solid profit in this matter can only be in perspective.
  10. Properly choose sites to attract referrals. There are all sorts of pyramids and other scam with favorable conditions, but in the long term they are not interesting.

He repeatedly attacked the rake himself, made mistakes and encountered situations when services were closed. And on some, the administration comes up with different reasons for blocking and freezes the account.

Be careful not to deceive people and use effective advertising.


Is it worth engaging referrals at all, wasting time and effort? Of course! Even after several months of active work, you will realize that it was not for nothing that you sat in front of the monitor.

And if you select multi-level referral systems, they can develop even without your participation. I can cite many examples of how I managed to get a decent income through referral programs:

Where to quickly find a lot of active referrals for free

The economic game brought me more than 10,000 rubles a day for several months. Now revenues have fallen somewhat, but it still goes well.

Consider different projects, the terms in affiliate programs are very different and remember that it is much easier to find people who are ready to make money from scratch than those who decide to invest.

Newbies are strongly recommended to attract referrals Vkontakte. A social network with a huge attendance is exactly suitable for recruiting a large team.

On registrations of new users really earn solid money. The main thing is to know how to find a lot of referrals and make some effort to this.

Start building a network today so you can skim the cream in a couple of months. If you work hard and invest something, the first profit will come very soon.

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