Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

Internet users have more and more opportunities, something new is constantly being invented.

Not long ago, a conference was held in London on non-sports event rates. The dynamics of their development beats all records, people like to tickle their nerves, risking real money.

Policy bets have become a separate conversation, as they become very popular.

The head of one of the most well-known foreign BCs stated that earlier such rates were added only to increase the line, but now they are added consciously. Betting users enjoy betting on politics.

Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

Russia - policy bets are gaining popularity

At the moment, political stakes are not inferior to some sports. For example, with equal frequency, our compatriots put money on golf, rugby, motor racing and politics.

A certain push in this niche occurred when Britain left the EU. The whole world observed the tense political debates, despite the coincidence in time with Euro 2016.

Analysts say the market was unique, none of the experts could predict exactly what voters would vote for. Most of the bets were made in favor of the UK remaining in alliance with Europe, but voters have chosen a different path.

Increased activity is observed this year. Very soon the president will change in America, and this is a serious event.

The bookmakers have already accepted a huge amount of bets, the odds continue to change with the success of the candidates. The same Donald Trump was an obvious outsider, but he improved his chances by 40%.

Professionals started joking. After accepting bets on the exit of Britain from the EU and the presidents of America, you can safely open the line to predict the end of the world.

Pre-election debates attract attention. An interesting case was recorded by a large bookmaker office. One of her clients can win £ 100,000 if Trump becomes president. He made a couple of bets at different times, when Donald was an outsider.

Where to put money on politics?

You can also bet on various events in world politics . Bookmakers in Russia are experiencing a difficult time, they are banned, and the sites fall into the registry. Only a few managed to get a license, paying huge money for it.

BC stays afloat, and for newbies a bonus is given here:

Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

For completing a regular registration, you can make a free bet of 500 rubles . In case of winning, the entire profit is charged on the main balance. Bets are accepted for policy here, at the moment the following events are available:

Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

As already mentioned, the elections in the United States have become a high-profile event for the betters. Right now you can put money on one of the candidates (Clinton leads):

Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

Quality offices always offer additional events to extend the line. So, due to the increased interest in the elections in America, they added a couple more bets:

Where to put money on politics in the bookmakers?

Make your own prediction and put at least bonus funds. No one knows what the elections will end with, but everyone has a chance to win solid money.

The policy constantly prepares surprises for us, and if you are good at it, then why not try your luck. The odds in this niche are high, but everything changes in a matter of days. Follow the news, analyze the actions of heads of state and voters, make winning bets.

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