Where to put money on eSports?

Modern technologies are firmly embedded in our daily lives, and bookmakers lovers already notice that many sites accept bets on virtual sports.

This is a new direction that is not worse than real games. Moreover, bets are accepted not only on football or basketball, but also on players in computer games (for example, Dota and CS).

E-sports bets can be used by everyone, just register on the sites of suitable bookmakers.

Over the past few years, this niche has evolved greatly, therefore, BK with the possibility of betting on eSports more and more often meet, and some games are not played by people, a virtual copy of the team is created and a match is held.

Where to put money on eSports?

If you want to make bets on football, basketball or tennis, then you are suitable. It has a section " E-sport ", where many athletes and teams have already been added, between which competitions are constantly held:

Where to put money on eSports?

In it you will find subcategories , for different computer games and championships. Who does not know, many competitions are held on them, only true fans know the nicknames and the names of the top players:

Where to put money on eSports?

E-sports CS CS are the most popular, and here championships in different countries are available , groups and organizations. Bets on e-sports in rubles are accepted, in the same currency the winnings are then paid.

To place a bet, just click on the odds and then pay the coupon:

Where to put money on eSports?

The league differs from other bookmakers with e-sports bets because it is wide lines.

In addition to the bet to win one of the athletes, you can click on the arrow and choose from the available bets (how long the game will last, with which account one of the participants will win, who will be the winner in the rounds):

Where to put money on eSports?

Dota e-sports bets are also accepted here, and you will not have to immediately replenish the balance. The bookmaker offers a no deposit bonus to anyone who passes the registration and performs verification.

It is 500 rubles, you can put them on your idol and if you win, the profit will be credited to your basic balance (you can withdraw):

Where to put money on eSports?

If you you ever did regular sports bets, then quickly figure out how to do it in eSports. The game is not real, but the money for the correct bet comes real. There are always a lot of events and high coefficients, so I advise you to use this particular BC.

Bets on DOTA2 and CS: GO

Fans of modern computer games can also make bets. Now there are professionals in such popular games like Warcraft and Counter Strike, who even perform at championships.

Naturally, they have their own fans who do not miss a single major game of their idol.

To bet on these games, use the following services:

  1. is the most popular betting project in the game Dota 2. It used to be the only place where generally accepted bets. There is a Russian language here, and you can follow the games directly on the site. That's just to talk with the administration here will not work and the winnings, often delayed.
  2. - bookmaker office with a license to work in Russia. In the lists of available sports often appear computer games. All TOP games are used, and for registration players are given 2,000 rubles for freebet. Make your first no deposit deposit, Dota and CS Go, available here.
  3. Where to put money on eSports?
  4. is a similar site, only for CS: GO bets. The interface is no different, the Russian language too. Conveniently, you can put money on who will be the champion in a particular tournament. Payments are also often delayed, but the site supports any players, so it is convenient to follow the games.
  5. - this BQ is not very popular, but it is of high quality. Low popularity is the main reason that coefficients jump here. Sometimes they change right before our eyes, bets on Dota 2 players are accepted.
  6. - by name it is already clear for which game this BC was created. Although the popularity of the site is not high, it has many advantages. There is a Russian language, you can bet money on champions of tournaments, bets are accepted by things (including CS: GO), large bets are accepted and games are broadcast.
  7. - compared to peers, this is a young site, but it is developing rapidly. The Chinese created it, but Russian is present. Users are offered a lot of different opportunities, starting with the fact that you can open up to 4 rates for one match, ending with the use of local currency.

If you are a true connoisseur of eSports, these sites will definitely help you. Even if you put a little money on your favorite player, the excitement grows and it becomes much more interesting to follow the competition.

Money in the field of eSports spins serious, just look at the top places in popular tournaments. Those who bet on serious players are also missing, so bookmakers can pay you a large amount in case of a correct prediction.

Do not forget only that you need to analyze all the players, and not blindly believe that your idol will be the best.

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