Where to put money on darts, the best bookmakers

In its pure form, darts is not a sport, it is rather an interesting game where opponents throw darts, trying to hit a round target.

Many people had such a game as a child, but now serious tournaments are held on it, the popularity of darts is not inferior to some sports. It is difficult to hit the target, professionals are trained for this for years.

Darts bets - an opportunity not only to watch the tournaments, but also to win money in them. Modern darts appeared in 1896, but they began to take bets on it much later.

The game is different in dynamics, there is no time out for timeouts, and each throw of the master evokes a storm of emotions in the audience.

Where to put money on darts, the best bookmakers

Darts is an interesting game

Today there are a lot of tournaments that gather tens of thousands of fans. World Championships are held annually in two versions.

There are also popular commercial darts competitions:

  • Grand Slam of Darts;
  • Winmau World Masters;
  • World Grand Prix;
  • World Matchplay;
  • UK Open.

They are considered prestigious; real professionals from different countries come every year. Bets on darts Latvia have increased popularity. More and more spectators are going to the European Championships, therefore the game is gaining momentum.

Naturally, this does not disregard bookmakers. The darts do not open wide lines, because besides the general outcome there is nothing to put money on. Domestic bookmakers in this regard is even worse, besides the fact that you can bet on the winner of the tournament, there are no more options.

Where do they take bets on darts in Russia?

In our country, BCs that do not have a special license are prohibited. Betters have little choice, however bets continue to be accepted.

A great option is the BC, where they give freebet for 2,000 rubles. Another worthy office is. But they do not catch up with the more popular company.

Organizers also distribute a welcome bonus. The first bet for 500 rubles is given free of charge:

Where to put money on darts, the best bookmakers

Competitions are rarely held in darts, experts from the Betting League monitor such events and offer advantageous odds. We will have to understand this sport well to determine who can become the winner of the tournament:

Where to put money on darts, the best bookmakers

No strategy for betting on darts comes in handy, forecasts have to be built based on different data. An important role is played by the training and condition of the athlete.

Physical readiness for the match and preparation help to achieve success. Statistics need to be analyzed necessarily, and also take into account that there are "uncomfortable" rivals.

Keep in mind that dart bets are usually long-term. According to statistics, the clear favorites most often win.

Of the main contenders for winning this sport are:

  • Adrian Lewiss;
  • Raymond Van Barnevild;
  • Phill Taylor;
  • Michael Van Gerven.

Well-known athletes who win many tournaments. Bookmakers also determine the possible winners and put the lowest odds on them. In any case, they will be more than 2, so they can be considered favorable conditions.

Darts bets are more likely to be able to try your luck, because it is quite difficult to predict the results of the game. It is important to enjoy this and take into account the features of the game. The outsider can also become a winner, this happens from time to time.

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