Where to publish your poems? 9 sites for posting poems

Each of us has talents, and they need to be developed and used.

Poetry is a common hobby, many have entire notebooks filled with verses that can be lost. To avoid this, use the Internet and lay them out in different ways.

Where do I publish my poems? There are quite a few sites for publishing such content, but first it is better to think about where to sell poems.

In the article "How to make money on poetry" we have already presented some of the best options, you can use them. If you are not looking for financial rewards for your work, use the sites for free publication.

Where to publish your poems? 9 sites for posting poems

Sites for posting poems

Many different resources have been created, where anyone can post verses on any topic and demonstrate their talent to thousands of people.

The following is a selection of such sites:

  • add and discuss poems;
  • literary portal;
  • international literary network ;
  • mostly love poems are added;
  • the most popular literary portal;
  • free publication of poems in a journal;
  • an independent literary portal;
  • for creative people (you can add not only poems);
  • a collection of poems library of poetry.

On each of these sites verses of any authors are accepted. On each resource it is better not to lay out the same thing, choose those services that you like best and use only them.

It is easy to put poems on other people's sites , but you need to understand that this is not the best option.

Where to publish your poems? 9 sites for posting poems

If you are not able to create websites, but really want to launch your platform and publish your work there, use one of the options:

  1. - You can add poems directly to your wall or create a group to fill it with your own creativity.
  2. - this is an ideal option for creating a simple website. Choose a design and you can immediately start adding new publications.
  3. - website builder, which even a beginner can handle. Through it you can create a full and beautiful website for free.

It is possible that after creating your site, you will find many fans, and she will enthusiastically post new comments, evaluating your every verse. Spend a little time and run your platform, it is much more profitable and more convenient.

The talent to write poetry is closely connected with writing articles, and this is one of the most popular types of earnings on the Internet.

Working at Advego can be your main source of income, try writing quality texts and putting them up for sale, maybe this is your vocation.

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