Where to play Russian lotto online?

Would you wake up as a millionaire and forget about your daily work and responsibilities, do you also dream about it? Money does not fall from the sky, you have to do at least something so that they appear in your wallet.

Although there are ways of quick enrichment that do not require hard work, for example, participation in lotteries.

How to play Russian lotto over the Internet? People have long had the opportunity to take part in the most popular lottery in Russia, without leaving home.

Special sites are developed for this. Cheating there is completely excluded, because you get a ticket with random numbers, and no one knows what barrels the guide will pull out on the air.

Where to play Russian lotto online?

Play Russian lotto and win

The first money in this lotto began to play back in 1994, while online broadcasting was presented to RTR channel.

Many people are interested in which lottery to really win, and so the Russian lotto is an ideal option. Thousands of real people have already received various prizes and proved honesty.

Where to play Russian lotto online?

You can sign up for lists of possible lucky people by buying real tickets at various points of sale in your city (most often they are in the mail). But this is not as convenient as participation via the Internet.

There is another option of buying a ticket via SMS, but this method is even worse, so in this article we will tell you where to buy lottery tickets online and how to participate in the draw.

Selling tickets to the Russian lotto online

There are many sites offering to buy lottery tickets, but it is better to trust trusted projects. On the site you can buy tickets for all popular lotteries in Russia.

First register, and then choose a Russian lotto from the list on the main page:

Where to play Russian lotto online?

After 4 days there will be 1121 copies for which you can buy as many tickets 50 rubles each. After clicking on the "Tickets for 50 p" button, a new page opens where the ticket itself is selected:

Where to play Russian lotto online?

You can choose any combination of numbers, click "Update Tickets" and new ones will appear. If you want to increase the chances of winning, go to the section "Immediately a lot" and buy a few tickets. Payment is made immediately, and for increased convenience, install mobile applications:

Where to play Russian lotto online?

You can watch the results of the drawing on TV, in newspapers or check for the ticket number.

To do this, when choosing a lottery on the StoLoto main page, under the purchase button, you need to select " Check ticket ". As for the payment of winnings, then read the rules for receiving money.

How to play Russian lotto?

The event is divided into several rounds, each of which is accompanied by pulling the kegs. We need to understand the rules to prevent a mistake, consider three winning situations:

  1. In the first round, the winners are the people who crossed out any horizontal band of numbers:
  2. Where to play Russian lotto online?
  3. In the second round, the winners are determined by the fully completed half of the ticket. If you close any of the areas at once (i.e., the first barrels close half of the fields), the jackpot is paid out:
  4. Where to play Russian lotto online?
  5. Then all participants who have crossed out the fields benefit further. This does not mean that they became owners of huge winnings:
  6. Where to play Russian lotto online?

Everything is extremely simple, and if you did not have time to watch the broadcast and do not know which newspaper to buy to check the numbers , dont be upset.

How to check a Russian lotto ticket?

To check the circulation in the Russian lotto, just go to the website, find a block with your lotteries and click on the special link at the bottom :

Where to play Russian lotto online?

This opens a page where you can enter the number of the circulation and the ticket. If you had several tickets, click the "Add Number" button and add as many entries as you like:

Where to play Russian lotto online?

If the ticket was not winning, you will see an alert about it. If it is winning, the sum will appear:

Where to play Russian lotto online?

. You can have no doubt that you can easily withdraw all the money. Thousands of people have already become winners, and each of them cashed every ruble won in Russian lotto.

Like to play the lottery? Register on the site Social Chance, there you can play the lottery for free, give tickets every day. Large sums are not played out, but even 10,000 rubles without paying for the ticket is good money.

Play Russian Lotto and try your luck. Maybe you will be able to pull out a lucky ticket, and in order not to pay for it from your pocket, try making money online. Make it a rule to get 50 rubles a day and spend it on a ticket, sooner or later you will definitely win.

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