Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency rates continue to grow, and with it their popularity is increasing. Now, even those who do not understand this at all, open wallets and collect coins, because they know that in the long run this can bring huge profits.

There is no need to go far for examples, so everyone should have a purse for crypto money.

Multicurrency wallets of cryptocurrency are not so common, usually people use accounts for certain coins. They have one weighty advantage, you can store several types of crypto money.

In this article we will look at the best wallets, you just have to choose the appropriate option.

Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

The best wallet for cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin beats all records. It became really hard to mine it, mining brings a penny, and on cranes, bonuses dropped to a minimum. All this is due to the rise of the course of coins. For 1 BTC they pay almost $ 3000, which is decent money, considering the dollar exchange rate to the ruble.

First of all, create a Bitcoin wallet. Below we describe the services where you can simultaneously store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Now imagine the best project for storing coins.

It is called, registration in a couple of simple actions, the address of the account is accepted on any sites.

Why Blockchain? Because it is a convenient online service with several levels of security. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of transactions:

Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

The wallet is not a multi-currency one, only for BTC, but we just have to tell about it. Over 100 million accounts are opened through this system. It is used by residents of 140 countries, transfers are available in different national currencies.

In addition, a mobile application is available for managing Bitcoins from any corner of the planet:

Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

Despite all the advantages of multi-currency wallets for cryptocurrency, everything is simple and convenient for Blockchain and safe. Specifically, to work with Bitcoin, this is an ideal service. Register and see for yourself.

Multi cryptocurrency wallet, how to choose it?

The field of cryptocurrency is developing rapidly and it can be difficult for beginners to understand the trends. One of the most important issues in this area is where to open an account. Offered a bunch of different software and online services.

They all work differently, you have to open 10 accounts each. The problem can be solved by means of multicurrency wallets, and they should be selected according to the following criteria:

  • so that there is support from 10 main cryptocurrencies;
  • high security (multi-level authorization , keys, availability of SSL certificates);
  • ability to work via mobile devices;
  • minimum fees;
  • transactions should be processed instantly;
  • ability to exchange currency inside wallet;
  • adding currencies that are gaining popularity;
  • responsive support;
  • earning money on an affiliate program MME;
  • Current courses corresponding to a total quotations;
  • presence of other useful tools.

In general, each user has their own requirements. However, if a multicurrency wallet falls under all these factors, then they definitely should be used. The choice is wide, but it is impossible to hurry, first you should test everything and find more information about the service or program.

Kryptonator online cryptocurrency wallet

If you choose among multi-currency wallets, it will largely outperform its counterparts. We can say that this is an ideal service for storing any crypto money (of the most popular). Many different chips, minimal commissions and a convenient mobile application:

Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

In RuNet, this is the most famous multi-currency wallet for crypto money. It has more than 300,000 accounts opened, extremely positive reviews and a user-friendly interface. Currently, these currencies are supported:

  • BTC
  • DOGE
  • DASH
  • EMC
  • LTC
  • PPC
  • XPM
  • RDD
  • ZEC

On the Cryptonator website, it is easy to register, after which you immediately get the total score for the coins. For each cryptocurrency issued a unique address. Their main advantages of the project are:

  • referral program availability;
  • instant transactions;
  • high security;
  • HTTPS connection;
  • trusted IP addresses;
  • payment acceptance;
  • convenient cryptocurrency converter;
  • fast payment of bills;
  • checking current rates;
  • payment for services without a commission;
  • replenishment and withdrawal to bank cards;
  • exchange of crypto money for payment systems;
  • low fees (for example, for a Bitcoin transaction charged 0. 0001 BTC).

In general, if you start from all the criteria for choosing a multi-currency wallet, then this service is perfect. Plus, tech support works perfectly.

For me personally, the important thing was the ability to change currency to Yandex. Money and title units of similar systems.

Rating of other cryptocurrency wallets

Finding a really high-quality e-wallet for cryptocurrencies is not an easy task. If the Kryptonator does not suit you with something, consider its alternatives. There are a lot of options, but for you we have chosen only the most interesting and proven projects:

  1. - open the wallet, it will support 9 cryptocurrencies. The commissions are low and the transaction processing speed is high. For users, this service is very popular. Of the minuses only the lack of mobile applications and storing keys outside the site.
  2. - the Swedes developed the service. These people are also engaged in issuing prepaid VISA bank cards. Through them are credited. Especially for the Russians introduced rubles. There is a mobile application. The main advantage is the ability to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. - among analogs, this is an advanced system. It supports 43 types of cryptocurrency. Keep all the coins in one place, high-level security, quick exchanges inside the wallet, well-designed mobile applications for Android and IOS. Use is completely free.
  4. - the users of this multicurrency wallet for cryptocurrencies are provided with the widest functionality. Transactions are carried out before confirmation in the blockchain. For safety, all known options are collected. Each month, the turnover on the site will exceed a billion dollars.

Before you use one of these projects, we strongly recommend that you read the reviews on the Internet. They provide useful information that is not on the official sites.

It is unlikely that you will find malicious reviews, because the services are of high quality, but find out their features.

Where else can you store cryptocurrency?

All cryptocurrencies are open source so that developers can use them. Due to the immense popularity of all these coins, new projects began to appear, on which users receive multi-currency accounts.

Let them not be wallets, they are also suitable for storing crypto money:

  1. - it has been registered on this site for a long time, it has several advantages. The main thing is the ability to issue a card, the account of which will be associated with a virtual wallet. Without exchanges and other actions, this card can be calculated in regular stores.
  2. - a cryptocurrency exchange, where it is simultaneously convenient to store coins and earn money on them. Over 300 currencies are supported here, the Russian language has been added, the lowest commissions for cryptocurrency withdrawal. Of the features worth highlighting the distribution of bonuses (available in the FreeCoins section).
  3. - another exchange, which many use as a multi-currency wallet of cryptocurrencies. Over 50 cryptocurrencies are supported, the site is translated into Russian. Withdrawal fees are low. It is convenient to make money through this site through trading or through the referral system.
  4. - one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in RuNet. All known coins are supported, different payment systems are connected. Russian version is present. Inside the wallet quickly and easily exchange money. Payments are available even on phone numbers.

When you choose where to open a multi-currency wallet for your cryptocurrency, give preference to client versions. As practice shows, they are the safest.

Although my wallets are open in the web versions, they contain large sums of money, for several years, I have never encountered hacks and other problems.

Where to open multicell for cryptocurrency?

Earnings of cryptocurrency on the Internet

In conclusion of a useful article with the largest collection of sites for storing cryptocurrency, I would like to briefly tell you where you can earn them. Some methods are so simple that they take only a few minutes a day.

Given the growing rates of crypto money, it’s definitely worth the time. For the extraction of cryo money, I use these services:

  1. - a foreign game with withdrawals. It is not necessary to play, just log into your account and collect daily bonuses in 4 cryptocurrencies (the most valuable Dogecoin).
  2. - a program for mining various cryptocurrencies. Involve the processors and video cards of your system, get coins, doing nothing at all.
  3. - only Bitcoin is mined here. A small bonus is available every hour. In addition, there is an interesting game and lottery.
  4. is the easiest way to get the first bitcoins. Sign up and get bonuses. For registration give 1000 Satoshi.
  5. - the system distributes bonuses in several cryptocurrencies. Registration is not required, it is charged from 330 to 1500 Satoshi.
  6. - used as a purse for cryptocurrencies and as a tap. For bonuses, you must view the advertising sites.
  7. - the service has several versions for different cryptocurrencies. But essentially it does not change, in any case, you get small bonuses every 5 minutes.
  8. - also used as a multi-currency wallet. Users earn on trading with cryptocurrencies and loans.
  9. - a classical financial pyramid, where you can earn money by attracting new participants. All calculations are carried out in Bitcoins.
  10. is a similar project where Bitcoins earn money by attracting users to their matrices (pyramids).

If you try hard, you can quickly accumulate a bunch of coins. The main thing is not in a hurry to exchange them, because the rates of cryptocurrency continue to grow. Who knows how much they will increase even in a couple of days. The amount can be multiplied several times.

Multicurrency wallets of cryptocurrency allow you to refuse numerous registrations. It’s not so safe to keep all the funds on one account, but if the system offers different security settings, be sure to use them.

Hacking cases are rare, however, it is better to think about this before problems appear.

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