Where to merge financial traffic? affiliate program Moedelo

When creating websites, many decide to launch projects on the subject of business. The sphere is wide, so it will be easy to pick up topics for materials.

In addition, such sites collect high-quality traffic that can be profitably converted. In this article we will tell you about the favorable conditions for the monetization of the site at


Not so long ago we already talked about this project, explaining how to open the IE online. Today we will talk about the main services of this service - online accounting.

A huge number of entrepreneurs, both in real life and in the virtual space, need to attract an accountant, and this system helps them solve this problem.

Where to merge financial traffic? affiliate program Moedelo

Online accounting partner Moedelo offers cooperation for online partners, banks and regional representatives.

Accounting services are quite in demand, you just need to know where to get the appropriate traffic. Potential customers will be able to offer a range of services (14 different tariffs are provided).

Partner’s reward for each attracted client is 300 rubles. Good conditions, especially since the client involved by you does not have to order something:

Where to merge financial traffic? affiliate program Moedelo

What does quality registration mean? In order for the money to be credited to your balance, the attracted client must indicate and confirm his data within 45 days after registration. This happens through personal managers and all the information is checked, so you can not cheat.

Withdraw money to Webmoney, and the minimum salary is 300 rubles. Enough to attract only 10 customers to get paid with Moedelo.

If you have ever earned money on affiliate programs, then difficulties should not arise. Go through the classic registration, get affiliate links and start attracting customers, getting rewards for it.

Where to find clients for Moedelo?

Under the terms of the affiliate program, it is allowed to attract users by almost any means. Only spam is prohibited, so invite people:

  • from your sites;
  • using advertising networks (except for the brand);
  • via Email newsletters (advertising in other people's emails) ;
  • using video clips (video advertising on the Internet);
  • through a network of doorways;
  • placing ads on social networks.

Many other traffic sources are available. To make it easier to attract customers, a large selection of promotional materials and various landing pages are offered.

Additional money from the affiliate program

In addition to paying for high-quality registrations, you will receive rewards for other actions of attracted users. Here is the complete list:

  1. 500 rubles each are paid for level 1 attracted partners who have invited more than 50 clients.
  2. At 30 rubles pay for partners attracted by your referral (level 2 partner).
  3. 500 rubles each are paid when the referral of your level 1 partner pays any tariff.
  4. 10 rubles each is paid for each level 3 partner.
  5. At 250 rubles pay for the payment of the tariff referral level 3.
  6. For 5 rubles it is credited for high-quality registration of referral 4 level.
  7. Each of 100 rubles is paid when the tariff is paid by a referral 4 level.

Favorable conditions, especially since people invited by you can not only book tariffs, but also invite other participants. It is not surprising that the average income of a partner is almost 50,000 rubles , because payments come from 4 levels of referrals.

Earning as a regional representative is even more profitable, they pay 50% of the tariff purchased by the client. But connecting to such an affiliate program will cost 15,000 rubles per year.

Try for a start to attract at least one partner. If he is active, his developed network will start to bring good money. Online accounting services are in demand, and with the active emergence of new companies (especially on the Internet), the demand for them is growing.

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