Where to make money on surfing and autosurfing? list of sites

The easiest way to make money on the Internet is to use active advertising systems (CAP, books, mailer, click sponsor). On such projects they pay money for visiting advertisers sites. Who needs it? Each site owner wants his resource to have a high attendance, some of them even pay money for it.

Now there are several systems in Runet that support surfing and autosurfing. When browsing sites in surfing, users manually move from one site to another. As a rule, in these gaps they have to pass a captcha test.

When autosurfing, just open the tab, and the system will automatically redirect you from one resource to another.

Where to make money on surfing and autosurfing? list of sites

The service with the largest number of advertisers is Wmmail. After registering on the site, you can go to the appropriate section, choose surfing or autosurfing and start browsing the sites. Every hour the number of advertised sites is replenished.

In addition, this resource has a special program, using which you can get additional suggestions for viewing sites. All you need to do is download and install the WMmailagent program, and then use autosurfing.

The functionality for surfing and autosurf sites is also present on other popular mailers:

  • Seo-fast
  • Seosprint
  • Wmzona
  • Profitcentr
  • Web-ip

Where to make money on surfing and autosurfing? list of sites

There are also a number of projects that were created specifically for earning on surfing and autosurf sites:

Each site visit is paid for separately, in small amounts (several kopecks). Earn a lot of money on surfing and autosurfing is unlikely to work, so this type of earnings in the network can not be made basic.

However, using several resources at once, you will at least earn money to pay for mobile communication and Internet service providers.

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