Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

If you give up something today, you can get a lot more then.

Investments will never lose their relevance , because cash deposits turn even the poor into millionaires, the main thing is to get involved and constantly scroll through their capital. Only choose desirable current directions.

Where it is profitable to invest money in 2018 - we will present the TOP 5 options in this article. All of them are in trend and they are already used by millions of people around the world.

There are many ways to increase your money, and the Internet opens up even more possibilities. We collected the selection taking into account the opinions of experts.

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

In 2018, it is better to invest in cryptocurrency

Now professional forums regularly publish tips from experts on investing in crypto money.

This direction literally blew up the Internet, now only the lazy ones have not become the holder of any coins, the more they can be obtained for free using mining. Only this approach requires powerful equipment, not everyone has it.

The first and main way to invest money in 2018 is to buy cryptocurrency. The choice is huge, there are well-known coins, whose course is gradually increasing and new altcoins, which can "shoot" at any time.

To show how profitable it is, just look at the course chart of one of the promoted cryptocurrencies:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

This is the dynamics of the Ethereum rate over the last year. In March 2017, the coins cost only $ 18, and now their rate is $ 662 (we will not take into account the quotes jumps). Now you can make small calculations.

If someone invested $ 1000 in this currency in March last year and bought 55 coins, now he can sell them for $ 36410. So, from 55,000 rubles, we managed to make 2 million rubles.

At the same time, it is not necessary to have any professional skills, I went to any exchange to cryptovalue an exchanger, deposit rubles or dollars, and buy coins.

It remains only to wait until their rate rises, and judging by the opinion of experts, in 2018 it is really promising to invest in cryptocurrency.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?

Many different altcoins have already been added to our investment portfolio. Suddenly, any cryptocurrency will rise in price by 1000% and bring millions? The probability of this is high, so it is worth investing money in it.

If you are a newbie, then the easiest way to invest in a crypt is through the exchange. After the usual registration on this site, you can add the national currency to the balance:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

If you want to use a bank card, you will have to go through verification (provide passport information). It is not necessary to do this, deposits are easily made through payment systems, their list appears after clicking the "Add funds" button:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

After transferring funds, you can use the exchanger or close a deal with another participant exchange. The first option is simpler, you go to the "Exchange" section and simply enter the amount you want to buy digital coins:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

Buying cryptocurrency from other users is more profitable. There are two options here: create your own exchange request or use someone else's order.

In the "Trades" section, you first need to select a trading pair, then forms appear through which orders (orders) are created:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

Note, if you indicate too unprofitable conditions, no one will agree to a deal. There is no need to wait at all if you choose the suggestions of other users. They are in the lists of orders for sale and purchase:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

A certain amount of cryptocurrency is sold, this is a minus. But you look at the price and compare it with the exchange rate, the difference is almost $ 1500. Therefore, it is better to invest money in cryptocurrency through the purchase from other people.

Coins are transferred to the internal account of the account, output them to a cryptocurrency wallet or keep on the site, you decide.

It is most profitable to invest in binary options in 2018

Forex trading requires some knowledge, but there is so much information on the Internet that any beginner can learn how to make profitable deals .

It is even easier to trade with binary options, because there are bets on exchange rates, and in the case of a correct forecast, up to 95% is paid:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

Here a good example of how a deal is opened on the platform. Its size is 5,000 rubles, and we set the fact that the euro / dollar rate will be lower at 12:35.

As you can see, now for this asset payments 80%, i.e. in the case of a successful transaction, the profit will be 9000 rubles. For this transaction, the strategy of Madrid was used, here is the result:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

Exactly 4,000 rubles net profit from a single transaction, and you can spend them at least 100 times a day. Some people do not get so much money for a working day.

Yes, you need to invest money and take risks, but it's worth it.Start with a demo account, train, try different tactics, learn.

Where is it profitable to invest money in 2018? High-income HYIPs!

Beginners are afraid to invest at high interest rates on little-known sites. Experts also advise them to consider as one of the excellent options. The main thing is to have time to log in and withdraw the profit.

Highly profitable HYIPs are created constantly, the subject matter is different, starting with betting and ending with forex.

We use and recommend only one format of HYIPs - these are games with money withdrawal. They offer really favorable conditions, and a lot of time does not go away. Need an example? Consider it with a project where they offer to buy birds and sell eggs:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

These are the most expensive birds, the latter brings 63% per month. Considering the conditions that only half of the profits are available for withdrawal, we get a little more than 30% per month and a full payback in 3 months.

The probability that the HYIP will live this time is quite high, because the majority of high-quality economic games work for several years.

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

It is easy to invest in high-yielding game HYIPs, but you need to understand that the risks here are quite high. Therefore, it is impossible to pour all the capital into one project, you need to divide it into as many parts as possible. It is good that the choice of investment games is quite wide:

  1. - one of the oldest games, they offer to invest in a virtual taxi park.
  2. - for 5 years, regularly pays, income comes from the miners who mine the ore.
  3. - popular all over the world, available in different languages, earnings come from the sale of tea leaves.
  4. - the game about fishing has already paid out more than 5 million rubles (there are payments to bank cards).
  5. is an old proven game about farmers, where they earn on animals, crops and various industries.
  6. - you hire miners and sell ore. There is a welcome gift, total payments of over 27 million rubles.
  7. - build your own virtual store, you need to invest at least 19 rubles to receive payments.

Keep in mind that some games use payment points. They limit the withdrawal and require the involvement of new players. No problems will appear if the methods of recruiting referrals are used.

People willingly register on such projects, because they are also looking for where to invest their money.

Invest rubles and dollars in your own business

This option was and remains one of the best, but it is accompanied by risks. On the Internet and beyond, there is a mass of directions for starting a business.

You can even invest in a finished project and immediately start earning income. There are always a lot of interesting offers at the auction:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

It’s not so interesting to continue someone’s business, how to start one’s own. Start-up capital may be required, both for the development of the site and for the promotion of the project.

There are a lot of ideas for online business, read more about the most interesting options:

  • CPA business;
  • business on information products;
  • Vkontakte trading business;
  • business selling its secrets;
  • business on online trainings;
  • infobusiness without sales;
  • business on hosting;
  • freelancing business.

It will be difficult to start, but it opens up broad prospects. Everything started with something, gradually developed, improved, modified and so on. You will not see fast money from such investments, but the method has other advantages.

Bank deposits or where to invest safely in 2018

A way for conservatives who are willing to receive a small percentage of their capital just to get maximum security.

To be honest, the profitability of deposits in banks is a big question, because it is tangible only with huge investments. For example, the Savings Bank’s most profitable program brings in only 5. 58% per annum:

Where to invest money in 2018 in rubles and dollars

bank deposit:
  1. under the program "Optimal for 1 year" offers deposits at 7. 5%.
  2. under the program "Income Strategy" offers a rate of 8. 5% per annum.
  3. on deposits "Leader" offers 7. 85% per annum.
  4. under the program "Contribution for new customers" offers a rate of 7. 1%.
  5. , the “Recipe for Happiness” program, up to 8. 5% per annum.

It is important to open deposits only in banks that are members of the DIA deposit insurance system.

In this case, all deposits up to 1. 4 million rubles are insured by a special state fund. Even if the company goes bankrupt or evaporates, all money will be returned in full.

Additional ways - where to invest a little money

To start some serious business or make good money on bank deposits, you need an impressive amount at the start. Far from everyone has it, so in 2018 there are current and alternative investment methods:

  1. Cloud mining - concluding contracts with farms for renting facilities. Absolutely with any amount you can run cloud mining cryptocurrency. In this case, your own computer is not used at all. The method’s yield is not the highest, for the year you get about 20% on top, but the main plus is the constant increase in the price of altcoins.
  2. Deposits in gold with Webmoney is the only payment system in which you can open an account not only for a currency, but also for a precious metal. WMG title characters are the equivalent of a gram of gold. Directly in your wallet, you can make exchanges for real money and store assets.
  3. Creating a Vkontakte group is a great and simple option for those who are ready to work. The launch of the site and its content does not require investments, but the money will be useful for promotion, because the competition in this niche is too high. Spend money on advertising, so that later you also paid for it.
  4. PAMM accounts - with a capital of 50-200 dollars, it is better to invest money in traders. Transfer under their management their capital, they will conduct transactions and give interest to the profits. How profitable it is to say will not work, because the yield is floating.
  5. Resale of goods on the Internet is a profitable method that does not require large investments, because you can sell products without buying them. The choice is huge, there are plenty of suppliers, and the audience of online buyers is rapidly increasing. Income depends only on the effort.

If you are looking for where to invest 100,000 rubles in 2018, then it is better to use something more serious (the first ways on this page).

Additional options are suitable for those who are willing to invest up to 50 000 rubles. Not so much contribution to the future, opening up real prospects.

Now you know where to invest in 2018 and you can choose one of the methods for you.

All methods differ not only in terms of need for labor, but also in terms of profitability and risks. Compare all the features and indicators, so you do not regret about the chosen direction.

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