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Where to invest money? - this question is asked by any person when he has even a small amount of available funds.

So it was with me. Therefore, I decided to display my entire search and my reasoning in this article.

The article will be constantly updated and supplemented. Therefore, you can safely add it to your bookmarks.

Table of Contents

  • Bank Deposit
  • Real Estate
  • Precious Metals (Gold / Silver)
  • Russian Stock Market
  • The stock market of Europe and the USA
  • Forex: PAMM and MAM
  • Art
  • Startups
  • Partnership in Business
  • Own Business
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sites
  • HYIPs
  • Graph of the ratio of return on investment to risk

Bank deposit

The most popular and easiest type of investment. But now, during the crisis, banks should not keep amounts more than 1,400,000 rubles or 200,000 hryvnias.

Due to the relatively low risk of losing money, bank profitability is low.

Yield in Russia - 2% per annum.

The yield in Ukraine is 9% per annum (although in Ukraine the yield is high, but the risks of losing money are higher at the moment).

Real estate

There are 2 types of income from any real estate:

  • rent;
  • speculation with the cost (buy at low cost - sell after the next bubble).

Renting out is especially beneficial for commercial real estate. But, again, in the event of further development of the crisis, more and more objects will be empty. And, accordingly, the annual rental income will fall.

According to optimistic forecasts, the bottom in the real estate market of Moscow and Kiev will come in the coming months. But not the fact that prices immediately begin to grow. They may be stuck on the bottom for a long time.

Also a huge minus of real estate investments is the low liquidity of this type of investment. It’s not so easy to sell an apartment, right?

The expected yield from the rental is 10-12% per annum.

Where to invest in 2016-2017 - Profit Hunter

Moscow Real Estate Price Index

Where to invest in 2016-2017 - Profit Hunter

Kiev Real Estate Price Index

It is generally difficult to predict the profitability of real estate value. Recently, it has only been negative.

The volume of mortgage lending is considered one of the indicators of the state of the real estate market.

Gold / Silver

Gold and silver have always been regarded by investors during periods of world crises as a safe haven. As soon as investors had concerns about the future of their savings reached a certain level, an impressive part of their savings was immediately channeled into precious metals. As a result, gold quotes went up even faster.

It is believed that gold saves your capital from the inflation of paper money.

But gold and gold are different. It would seem, just buy bank bars and wait for the next crisis to get the cherished amount at its peak. But bank bars usually carry with them the cost of renting a bank cell (some extremes may keep bars in the house, of course).

Unlike bullion, non-cash gold does not incur any additional costs, and sometimes even brings a small percentage. But then there is a risk associated with the stability of the organization, which has a gold deposit.

Returning to physical gold, it also has a huge plus: in the event of any global shocks, you can always share a piece and gain some benefits from it. Although this is more concerned with jewelry gold, since it is more convenient for them to share.

Where to invest in 2016-2017 - Profit Hunter

Gold yield

The cost of a troy ounce of gold shows that if you bought gold in January 2008, then this moment would have earned about 27%. But if you sold gold in January 2012, the income would be about 75%. That is, gold is quite volatile, but very liquid.

The disadvantage of bank gold is the history of confiscation in the United States in 1933. What if the same will happen again with us?

Stock Market of the Russian Federation

If you are interested in passive investments, then you should look at mutual funds or mutual investment funds. They carry a good yield, but unfortunately there are quite a few good mutual funds in the Russian Federation. Most of them fly down with every “crisis” and often even further stock indexes, which indicates obvious problems with hedging risks.

List of the most profitable in rubles mutual funds in 2016 (according to adne. Info):

  1. Eurobonds Fund1, Aton Management +70. 19%
  2. VTB - Eurobonds Fund, VTB Capital Asset Management +69. 74%
  3. URALSIB Industry Investments, URALSIB +69. 09%
  4. RSHB - Foreign exchange bonds, RSHB Asset Management +61. 71%
  5. Sberbank - Consumer sector, Sberbank Asset Management +60. 24%
  6. Ingosstrakh Eurobonds Ingosstrakh - Investments +57.57%
  7. Investment System - Equity Fund, System Capital +56. 31%
  8. Reserve. Currency investments, System Capital +56. 02%
  9. VTB - Consumer Sector Fund, VTB Capital Asset Management +54. 68%
  10. Ermak - a fund of short-term investments, Agidel +54. 35%

The essence of the investment is reduced to the purchase of a share (share). A share is a share of a fund portfolio. The fund includes securities and free cash.

With proper investment by the management company, the value of a share increases. As a result of the growth in the value of the unit, the investor’s income is obtained.

The yield of the most stable funds is 15-25% per annum in dollars (except for macroeconomic crises).

The stock market of Europe and the USA

When you think about the US stock market, several names come to mind at once, among which there will definitely be: Warren Buffet and George Soros. Still would! They manage the two largest billion-plus funds: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Soros Fund Management. When you look at the profitability of these funds over a long period of time, you understand that there can be no chance here. These people are geniuses!

Profitability is very diverse, but on average reliable funds like Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - 20% per annum.

How to invest in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. or Soros Fund Management?

It is enough to buy Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shares to entrust the money to Warren Buffett.

But with Soros everything is more complicated. You must be an accredited investor in the US market.

Forex: PAMM and MAM

Now investments in PAMM accounts are becoming more and more popular on the Russian-language Internet. This is due to just incredible income. In fact, with proper investment, you can double or triple your capital within one year.

But such a huge return fraught with great risks. In addition to the risk of losing your funds as a result of not very successful trading manager, your broker company may disappear along with all the investments.

Yield - 80-200% per annum.

Useful materials on the topic:

  • Investments in PAMM-accounts (investment reports and useful information).

At the moment I am also investing in MAM account managers with Swissquote Swiss broker. com. Soon a broker review and investment report will appear on my resource.

Of the main advantages of this broker: insurance against non-trading risks of up to 100 thousand francs.


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Partnership in Business

In the process of writing.

Own business

In the process of writing.

Next, it’s most likely not investment, but earnings. Perhaps this is not the answer to the question “where to invest money?”, But with the right approach, it can bring no small profitability.


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In the process of writing.


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Graph of the ratio of return on investment to risk or where to invest money

Where to invest in 2016-2017 - Profit Hunter

Where to invest money

PS Where to invest money yet? Waiting for your options.

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