Where to go if cheated on the Internet? virtual fraud

Fraud on the World Wide Web is so common that every day a huge number of people become victims.

In most cases, attackers try to deceive with small amounts of money so that victims don’t go to the authorities, so more often just about a little deception people simply forget.

Even using all the precautions, it is impossible to protect yourself from fraudsters by 100%. Cheating everywhere, various SMS about card blocking come, asking to transfer money to friends, sending emails, infecting computers with viruses, demanding money for unlocking, and so on.

Where to go if cheated on the Internet? virtual fraud

Virtual frauds

Where to turn if you are deceived on the Internet? Do not forget about the lost money or just close the message from scammers, they need to respond quickly, because if each of us will be active, the number of victims will be less. Deceptions on the Internet are also punishable and all these points are spelled out in the codes.

If attackers fall asleep with messages or you are already a victim of fraud, the best way is to contact law enforcement. You can go to the nearest police station and submit a normal application.

In addition, you can contact the relevant authorities through the site. Despite the fact that many consider cases with small amounts of money not serious, fraudsters will be punished, the most important thing is to provide enough data.

Where to go if cheated on the Internet? virtual fraud

Fraud, about which you want to report is made through some site? You can through services 1whois. ru or 2ip. ru to determine the hosting provider of the resource and write an appeal about the illegal actions of one of the users.

No organization wants to conduct additional checks against them, so they will try to solve the problem on their own by blocking the resource.

Except for the Mvd site. ru and self-treatment to the provider, you can leave an online appeal on - the official website of Roskomnadzor. Go to the "Public Services" section, and then select "Appeal of citizens and legal entities." Click "Generate appeal" and proceed to filling out the form that appears.

Information law enforcement officers respond rather quickly to information technology fraud . Yes, the money you lose is not big, but given the scale of the dissemination of information by intruders, they can collect a decent amount, deceiving a large number of people.

Stop thinking that Internet fraudsters will always go unpunished, if you have to face one type of deception, be sure to contact the authorities.

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