Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

Contacting the world of cryptocurrencies is very important to stay in trend, because in this market changes are constantly taking place.

We need to build forecasts, follow the news and expert opinion. For all this, you need to find quality sources of information, and because of the huge amount of garbage on the network, it’s really hard to do.

Where to look for the latest news in the world of cryptocurrency? On the TOP portals intended for crypto news.

Ordinary sites do not provide such in-depth information and no one discusses the latest events, and the comments are also important, besides you can discuss important issues with like-minded people.

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

Why follow the news of the cryptocurrency market?

Current information allows you to take the right steps. Traders are constantly watching the news, they help suggest sharp changes in rates.

A vivid example is the introduction of sanctions against Russia, which immediately affected the dollar exchange rate against the ruble.

Similar events occur in the crypto market. For example, a blockchain project is merged with a large bank.

It is obvious that such progress in development will affect the rate of tokens, followed by increased activity on the part of investors and quotes take off.

It is also necessary to rely on the opinion of experienced users. See our predictions of cryptocurrency 2018, there we collected the most promising tokens.

Some traders do trade exclusively on news. Each event can be assessed in order of importance, some of them do not affect the course at all, and some make it deviate strongly.

It is important to determine significance and not to panic, because many news only cause temporary changes, and sometimes even turn out to be ducks.

After seeing information that cryptocurrency can be banned, the largest Chinese farms are closing down or something else is happening, coin holders are actively selling their assets. This causes a decline in the rate, but then it recovers.

The best cryptocurrency news sites for today 2018

It is important to keep track of up-to-date information, but only reliable sources should be selected. A vivid example of this is the apologies of the video bloggers on YouTube, who grabbed gossip about the fire in Kemerovo.

They released videos based on false information, as well as many unverified sites on the Internet.

But on the basis of this data, people conduct transactions and risk their money. Therefore, it is important to immediately select reliable and high-quality portals:

  1. is one of the useful tools for the trader. There is a technical analysis, economic calendar, quotes, analytics and more. The news section is also often updated, the resource has a Russian version:

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

  1. - the name speaks for itself, but the site publishes news not only about Bitcoins, but also about other altcoins, ICO, blockchain and so on. In RuNet it is one of the largest portals in its subject matter.
  1. is a huge blog that has been running since 2014. It collects information about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and various technical issues. Daily published news.

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

  1. is another international project where cryptocurrency, news, and forecasts are published. The site is translated into several languages, including Russian. There are charts, scripts, indicators and a lot of useful things.
  1. is the most popular forum in the world where cryptocurrencies are discussed. New topics appear much more often than news, and the main advantage is that they are being discussed. Only on the basis of comments can we figure out how important the news is and how it will affect the world of cryptocurrency:

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

  1. - the calendar of events of cryptocurrency. The website publishes course forecasts, you can use the portfolio for the investor and follow the latest news. The service is relatively young, it has been operating since 2017, but it is developing rapidly.
  1. is a foreign resource, there is no Russian language, but many useful news are published. In many ways similar to the previous service, but inferior in functionality. Exclusive materials are sometimes published here:

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

  1. - publishes a lot of useful data on cryptocurrencies, but all in English. The main topics are trading, mining and altcoin news.
  1. is another foreign resource where news is also published. Users choose it for additional functionality. There are statistics of pools, information about the power of cryptocurrency networks and much more.
  1. - left “hot” at last. This is the largest resource with a huge amount of information. Many Russian-language portals use it as a source.

To be well-informed about the latest important events, you need to use all sources of information at once.

Each site has a subscription available, and they also have official pages on social networks. It even helps to set up high-profile news notifications.

What kind of cryptocurrency news do you need to look for?

Real professionals are trying to look for relevant data on foreign sites. According to them, only American and Chinese resources are able to quickly inform about important events.

If the language barrier does not scare you, use such sites. Now let's look at what exactly helps to build forecasts:

  • information about upcoming forks;
  • information about various events (presentations, meetings, conferences);
  • development roadmaps cryptocurrency;
  • conducting an ICO, evaluating the prospects of new companies;
  • distributing coins for different programs free tokens for registering with Bounty
  • adding or exiting cryptocurrency for popular exchanges;
  • new wallets, renewing customers, rebranding;
  • agreements and partnerships between companies;
  • the emergence of new services s to use cryptocurrency.

News about cryptocurrency is issued in whole packs, it takes a lot of time to study them. Over time, you will gain experience and be able to highlight the most important information.

Unfortunately, there are so many network noises that beginners simply do not know who to believe. Some sources contradict each other.

Where to get the latest news on cryptocurrency

Where do I get the latest cryptocurrency news?

One of the most convenient ways to follow the events in the crypto world is social networks.

In terms of information noise, they occupy the first place, a bunch of false posts are added, they are published even by those who do not understand cryptocurrencies at all. Therefore, it is necessary to recheck all the data through more serious sites.

Cryptocurrency also helps me pay channels Telegrams. To access them, you can contact me through contacts.

Look for cryptocurrencies in your favorite social networks. You will receive tons of information, but all of it needs to be thoroughly checked. On the other hand, sometimes it is possible to “catch” data that no one else knows about.

Latest news cryptocurrency 2018 - this is the most important factor in forecasting courses. Unlike national currencies, digital coins are not tied to the state, nor are they tied to precious metals, stocks, or other assets.

Therefore, it is the actual data that helps traders make important decisions.

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