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Inspired by the idea of ​​samlowry and fasting Dimka, I decided to write a review on the most interesting queries of the past week. I should note that among the mass of requests of the same type there are pearls, to which I myself would like to find the answer. So, in order:

Programs for content rewriting

Here is a list of programs for rewriting English text that I used (use) myself or heard something about them:

  • DupeFree Pro is a free application that among other things rewrites articles and checks rewrites for uniqueness.
  • Wordflood - the program allows you to rewrite articles in manual mode (semi-automatic replacement of synonyms). Great for where quality is needed, not quantity.
  • Content Rewriter - this program, unlike the previous one, allows you to put rewriting on the stream. Automatically rewrites articles, if necessary, adds an introduction, conclusion and random paragraphs with intelligible text about anything (like “I recommend you read this excellent article").
  • There is also a special plugin for WordPress, but I have something I can’t find it (i.e. Google has links to it, but these links have either old non-working versions or not what you need.) If you know where you can find it, please give the link in the comments.

How to link a network of sites

For example, like this:

Where to get the dough? - Profit Hunter

or like this:

Where to get the dough? - Profit Hunter

The main thing is not too much and well dilute the links inside the grid with links from third-party sites. I read that the share of links within the grid should not exceed 15-20% of the total links. I don’t have any personal experience in this matter, therefore I advise you to look for more detailed recommendations on the Searchengines forum. ru.

A free program for registering with directories

Honestly, I haven’t heard about this 🙂

But there are free versions of paid programs. For bourgeois directories, this is a trimmed version of Directory Submitter, for Russians, a demo version of AllSubmitter.

How to place on your site YouTube

If you are looking for a YouTube clone, you are here, here, here or at worst here (here for free).

If you need to place a video from Youtube on the site, then do this:

  • if you have a static website, just copy the video code and paste it into the page code. You can find the video code here:

Where to get the dough? - Profit Hunter

  • if you have a blog on WordPress, you can o and use WP YouTube 2 plugin 0. Otherwise, it is likely that the design of the blog will creep away at all the seams.

How much do social bookmarking sites cost?

One of the biggest deals in this area was the purchase of Yahoo! popular bookmarking site Del. icio us in December 2005. According to various sources, Yahoo! paid from 20 to 35 million dollars. At that time, the service consisted of up to 300 thousand users.

There are rumors about the sale of Digg. It is unknown how soon it will be sold, but the price that the owners want for it varies between 300 million American money.

And some other funny requests:

  • 13 ways to earn - if my 11 + 1 ways of earning online are not enough, you can always go to work;
  • whether it is legal to post RSS feeds from another site on the website - as far as I know, there is no law forbidding it. If you are concerned about the ethical point, put a dofollow-link to the original and do not change the links inside the text. If you use tapes of major news sites, then there is nothing to worry at all - at least Google is looking at it normally.
  • how to increase site visitors - just smiled 🙂
  • drawing an autumn leaf - easily:

Where to get the dough? - Profit Hunter

  • badges of the Soviet period buy selling selling - there are, but not selling. Well this is a rarity what, the icon of the October / Pioneer / Komsomol member or the badge of the winner of the socialist competition in 1970! I'd rather give the grandchildren 🙂
  • and the most gusto: where can I get the dough? - honestly, I’m getting lost of what to say. Take, probably, nowhere, except from parents or in debt, but you can earn.

Success in work 😉

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