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One of the foundations for the success of any site, regardless of its type, subject matter and objectives, is high-quality, unique content. Your resource will, first of all, be judged by whether you can offer visitors something that no one else offers, whether the text on the main page can make them interested in the content, whether the content can make them return. Of course, few people can afford to write all the content for their site; specifically for those who want to save time and effort, there are content exchanges like ContentMonster considered here.

where to get good content and competition - Profit Hunter

At first glance, this is a typical representative of this category of resources, but there are some interesting nuances. Start with what contentmonster is. ru specializes in fulfilling orders, rather than buying / selling ready-made texts, so the customer can describe in detail exactly what he needs, choose the copywriter you like and get certain guarantees that the resulting text will not plagiarize: on the one hand, the system she is engaged in checking the uniqueness and does not let the stolen texts, on the other - only in order to become a member of the exchange, the copywriter must perform a randomly generated test in the Russian language and a test task. The site administration reports that 75% of the authors are eliminated already at this stage - well, the level of literacy of other copywriters allows you to believe it. You can get an idea of ​​the level of efficiency of the author already during his work with the service by evaluating him.

Another interesting point is pricing - local prices are indeed, as resource owners say, among the lowest in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, which the visitor can see from the detailed statistics available from the main page. The prices may even seem frighteningly low, but the system of anti-plagiarism, the authors' check and the possibility of submitting a complaint to arbitration in case of anything are somewhat reassuring. It is also nice that the price is not artificially inflated at the expense of the service commission - the entire ten percent commission is paid by the copywriter from the fee paid to him, so the customer does not pay anything directly to the service.

In general, ContentMonster is an acceptable option if you need low-cost (but at the same time high-quality!) Content for a site, blog or something else. I have been working with this system for more than 3 months and am very pleased. Particularly pleased with the possibility of automatically setting the task on days of the week and the ability to export articles in the Miralinks format.

where to get good content and competition - Profit Hunter

And now about the contest πŸ™‚

We invite you to take part in the campaign "The End of the Google-Yandex Epoch". The essence of the competition is to write an article (a story, an essay, a stream of consciousness, reflections, underline) on the scenario of the development of events proposed by the organizers - what would the world be if there were no such major search engines like Google and Yandex? How would this catastrophe affect everyday life? The winners will receive quite impressive prizes, both in cash and in the form of services. Details - by reference.

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