Where to get articles, if you do not want to write?

Newbies who create websites should understand that without proper filling their project will not develop.

The main reason that the site does not make a profit is low traffic, and if there is nothing on the resource interesting, then to whom it may be interesting? Writing texts on your own is difficult, so alternative methods sometimes come in handy.

In this article, we have collected 6 options for extracting content for the site in order not to invent anything on our own.

Naturally, no method will be better than your own work, because only you know what exactly you need and in what form to present the information. However, not everyone is willing to spend several hours a day in order to do copywriting.

Where to get articles, if you do not want to write?

If there are no ideas in my head, but I want to make quality material, use rewriting of articles. This is a good way to extract content that is not prohibited, and if you make an effort, you can make the material even better than on the original source.

The most important thing is to achieve high uniqueness. Does this method not suit you? Then use one of the following options:

  1. Buying articles is the only way to get the content even better than if you made it up yourself. Professional copywriters write perfect texts and consider optimization factors. It will have to spend money, but the articles will be of high quality. To purchase ready-made articles, use and.
  2. Authors' Visitors - this filling method is used in all forums. New topics are created by users, they also leave comments, thereby creating large pages. Think about how you can interest people to create posts for your site. The best option is a cash reward or link placement.
  3. Videos - you can select large texts from videos. Go to YouTube and find quality videos, turn them on and start writing. To make it more convenient, put a slowdown on the video, otherwise you may not have time to record everything. Take screenshots directly from the video so that the article is beautifully framed.
  4. Translations - there is even more information in the foreign segment of the Internet, and each article can be translated and posted on its website. This is used by many authors, when the site becomes popular and brings great profits, they simply establish links to the original source so that there are no unnecessary problems.
  5. Synonymizing - automatic rewriting of articles whereby words are replaced with synonyms. This helps to achieve high uniqueness, but the readability of the text leaves much to be desired. Without processing, the articles obtained can be used only for filling the HS sites.
  6. Magazines and newspapers - in the old press you can find a huge number of various articles. Look for newspapers, books and magazines in old paper, scan them and get content. Finding unique information is difficult, many have already used this method.
Where to get articles, if you do not want to write?

As the owner of the site, it is not necessary to turn into a copywriter. You can use different ways of filling the resource, and when it starts to bring at least some profit, go to the freelance market and find a professional who will consistently write new posts for you.

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