Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

The total capitalization of cryptocurrencies is estimated at billions of dollars. In the realm of huge money that users get in different ways.

Someone trades, someone invests, opens farms for mining, but all this requires certain expenses. Free distribution of coins - an exit for beginners, not demanding investments.

Where can I find new, current, best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies? Now we will tell you where to look for distributions and what to do.

ICO coins are scattered for the simplest actions such as registering on the site. It takes only a few minutes to fulfill the requirements, and the tokens obtained for them have prospects.

Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

What are Bounty and Airdrop cryptocurrency?

One idea to launch a large project is not enough. Entrepreneurs in various ways attract investment in their business.

Recently, projects on the blockchain began to be actively launched, and ICO companies are running to finance them. Investors are offered to buy tokens that will grow in value with the company's prosperity.

But how to convince them that tokens will be liquid and the company will develop? Part of the coins is launched into circulation through free distributions. The program Airdrop requires minimal actions (such as subscribing to social networks).

By participating in the Bounty program, you will have to perform more complex actions. For example, post repost on your page for a month.

There are automatic airdrops of cryptocurrency. This happens with hard forks, new tokens are scattered between holders of certain coins. A prime example is

, which were transferred to the Bitcoin holders.

In any case, this is ideal for getting free coins. The main time to learn about the upcoming cryptocurrency airdropah. Special services have already been developed for this purpose, their list will be presented below.

Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

Bounty and Airdrop: earnings on cryptocurrency

You can call it earnings, because you have to do work. First, for it you get something like "candy wrappers". Because the new cryptocurrency is impossible to sell and their value is zero.

But if they get on the stock exchange, and the company is gaining momentum, each coin is able to soar in price.

Tokens of various types are distributed, but most often it is ERC20 (created on Ethereum). For them, you must create a special wallet. For example, it supports tokens.

You will open a regular Live account, and its address will need to be specified when participating in the airdrop and bounty programs.

In many airdrops you can earn even more if you attract new members. Use different ways to recruit referrals. One person can actually be invited to several projects at once.

What else might you need? Accounts in social networks, BitcoinTalk profile, Telegram page. No serious knowledge or investment is definitely needed.

Note that most programs are run by foreign startups. Therefore, knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English) is definitely not superfluous.

Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

How to get Airdrop cryptocurrency?

The conditions and requirements in each hand are different, but the list of actions is not much different. It takes a little time to collect tokens, you spend a maximum of a couple of hours a month, and coins come gradually into the account. Here is what it looks like earnings on steps of cryptocurrency in steps:

  1. You register a wallet with support for tokens. Do not forget that distributions can be carried out not only on projects created through. There are other platforms, you need to open other wallets for them.
  2. You are looking for new Airdrop cryptocurrency, studying the requirements for receiving a bonus. May be asked to write a comment in the official forum thread, subscribe to Telegrams or other social networks.
  3. Then you need to wait until the ICO company ends. Only after that you will be sent tokens. By time, these are always different values, from a week to several months. Completion date is usually specified, but often delayed.
  4. The tokens received on the wallet cannot be used immediately. They still have to go to the stock exchange. It still takes some time. Some coins never bargain at all, and startups close.

In general, nothing complicated, and if you also use the Bounty and Airdrop aggregators, then everything is much more convenient. It is not always worth selling tokens immediately. Let them hit the listing of exchanges, their rate may rise, there is already a need to evaluate the prospects of a startup.

Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

Sites with the lists of Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrency

Special services were opened for users to quickly and conveniently collect free coins. After registering for them, you need to connect your accounts from the social. networks and specify the wallet number.

Next take part in the distribution and receive rewards for it.Most programs are added to these systems:

  1. - after registration, you need to connect accounts and specify a wallet. Then you select the program and click on the buttons to go to the execution of tasks. Most often this is a subscription in social networks. Do not leave the groups until the ICO company ends.
  2. - data about only Bounty programs are added here, but in some of them it’s as easy to participate as in Airdrop. By analogy, you must first register, specify the ETH address and connect the pages.
  3. - with this service, you can not only keep track of actual Airdrop cryptocurrency, but also news from this sphere. The interface is simple and convenient, as soon as a new distribution appears, all users are immediately notified about this.
  4. - another foreign site with airdropami cryptocurrency. There are really a lot of offers, they are added often, you can see the completed distributions and those that will start soon.
  5. - the site will be interesting not only for information about airdrop, there are a lot of other useful information on it, both for investors and traders. There is no Russian language, but there are frequent updates.
  6. - to evaluate the prospects of applications and projects, this system uses its own algorithm. There are no more offers than on the first two sites, there is also no Russian language.

The main advantage of using such sites with aridropami cryptocurrency is the verification of startups.

The developers estimate the prospects of the projects, so 2-3 new options appear per week in them, despite the fact that Airdrop starts much more. Meaning to participate in them, if tokens are unlikely to ever be liquid.

Where to find the best Airdrop and Bounty cryptocurrencies

My compilation of new Airdrop cryptocurrency

To find the current AEDROPs, you need to use all sources of information. On the upcoming distribution can tell on social networks, in major forums, through blogs and even advertising networks.

One of the options for quick and easy tracking is Telegram channels:

This is a small selection of sites where there are data about airdrop and bounty programs. I myself try to use all the sources in order not to miss anything interesting. I publish my selection of current Airdrop under a video on my own YouTube channel:

I saw with my personal example that it is realistic to make money on Airdrop. The main thing is to allocate more time for this, because it takes a long time to wait for the development of projects and the introduction of coins into the stock exchanges.

Did you receive $ 100 for one repost? Here it is real, because promising tokens are growing rapidly in price.

Risks of earning on Bounty and Airdrop

What are your risks, if you do not need to invest anything but a small amount of time? Yes, some cryptocurrencies will never go to the exchanges and will remain forever in your wallet. But after all, some can "shoot" and bring a good profit.

Even if one coin out of 10 brings a profit, you will receive a good reward for the work done.

Some professionals believe that the collection of free tokens is suitable only for beginners, because the yield is not high. But many need it - simple earnings without investments in the field of cryptocurrency.

For easy actions, you get coins with a perspective, and no matter how high one can say, perhaps a token in a couple of years will cost $ 100.

The most important thing is not to become a victim of scammers, who also sometimes spend Airdrop cryptocurrency.

Under various pretexts, they pull out confidential data, get access to wallets, force them to invest something. No personal data, much less keys to the account, are required by normal companies.

Want to quickly get income? Use arbitrage cryptocurrency. On the exchanges and exchangers, the rates are always different, the difference can earn.

Spend a couple of hours and collect all the coins that are now scattered around bonus programs.

There is nothing difficult in this, and if you are lucky, you will get a good amount of sales of tokens in the future. There are a lot of successful examples, some coins, distributed for free, have already seriously increased in price.

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