Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?

Any platform on the Internet that can make money is worth something. Channels on Youtube is no exception, and they are now actively buying and selling.

Authors receive payment for promoted channels, buyers receive development prospects, and sometimes stable income put on machine.

How to buy or sell a YouTube channel? Absolutely anything that brings in money can be sold. On the Internet, there are constantly offers to sell groups on social networks, websites, forums, and more recently, channels on YouTube.

A niche is rapidly gaining momentum, and those who want to buy or sell such a product are added.

Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?

Where to look for buyers and sellers?

For the sale of channels on Youtube, no special services have been created, such as for webmasters.

Sites are constantly going under the hammer, the demand for them is much higher. To buy a channel on YouTube with subscribers, you have to go through the Internet well. Good deals can be anywhere.

Even in social networks there are different offers, but because of the huge flow of information, they are not always useful:

Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?

Buy a YouTube channel with 5,000 subscribers is quite possible for a small fee. Much depends on how many fans collected. You need to be careful, because the author of the channel could catch subscribers by using automatic services for promotion in social networks.

They cost a penny, but there is no sense from them. As a rule, no activity is observed from bots, although this can be screwed up, so it’s worth a while to check accounts manually.

Announcements "Selling YouTube channel" appear not only because there is a decline. It just bothers some, they want to move to a new level, they can no longer create content and so on. Find a good site is quite real, but you have to sweat.

How is the channel being transmitted?

It does not matter if you decide to sell the channel or buy, in any case, you need to understand how the rights to such a platform are transferred.

In general, the procedure is not complicated, but it is inconvenient to use the services of the guarantor. There are certain risks for both parties, so the buyer is better to demand a full transfer of rights before payment , and the seller to ask for prepayment.

To change the owner of the YouTube channel you need to do the following:

  1. Go to your account, select the gear through the avatar and go to the page with general information. There is a link to go to adding or creating administrators:
  2. Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?
  3. After clicking on the link, you will see a window with information about the page with the button for setting access:
  4. Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?
  5. In the next step, owners and administrators are added. Click on the add account button and connect the seller’s account:
  6. Where to find buyers and sellers of the YouTube channel?

Immediately you cannot select the owner, you need to set the user as administrator for a day.

Then you can make it the owner of the channel, but this step must be performed at the last stage, because then you will not be able to return anything. It’s not so difficult to sell a YouTube channel, the owner changes in three simple steps.

How much does a channel cost on YouTube?

Only a professional can make a correct assessment of the site. If you do not want to contact anyone, but there is no high level of knowledge, use a simple formula.

Calculate the total income from the channel per month (advertising, affiliate) and multiply it by 6. The last figure is the number of months, i.e., after which the site pays off.

You should not overstate the price, because incomes can change greatly due to a change in ownership. Not the fact that his videos will collect as many views, and indeed that he will upload them with the same frequency.

If this format of pricing does not suit you, build on the main factors:

  1. Channel type - these are gray and white channels. White is a quality site exclusively with copyright content, no problems and strikes.
  2. Uniqueness of content - it is better to choose author channels, just keep in mind that to continue the development you will need to create similar videos.
  3. The number of subscribers is the most important parameter, but only if these are not boosted bots.
  4. Number of views - in some cases more important than the volume of subscribers. It depends on the views of income.
  5. Monetization - what methods are used, how much money comes, how well traffic is converted, etc.
  6. Duration of work - in a nutshell, the longer the channel exists, the better.

Without certain knowledge, it is impossible to give an accurate assessment of all these factors. For example, few people know how much it costs to attract the target audience, content creation and other things.

Anyone who decides to buy the YouTube channel should understand that this is a good investment, but the site needs to be properly assessed.

But if you are among the sellers of YouTube channels, it is better to think about the possibility of developing the project and making a profit. Although if there is no desire, the sale will be much more attractive than just throwing the channel.

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