Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

The introduction of cryptocurrency into the economy of the whole world continues, and according to some forecasts, in the near future, paying for altcoins in regular offline stores will be common.

But for now the holders of various coins have to look for where to spend tokens. In fact, options are quite a lot .

How to buy and sell goods or services for cryptocurrency? There are two ways - the use of special services or the conclusion of private transactions through announcements, forums or in person. Both possibilities are already used by people, there are examples when people sold their property for Bitcoins.

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

Purchases for cryptocurrency, is this real?

For several years, Altcoins have made their way into everyday life and in part they succeed. The first Bitcoin cryptocurrency was created as an alternative to conventional money.

Using the blockchain, you can conduct anonymous, secure, and fast transactions. Accordingly, it is suitable for trade.

You can buy a hardware wallet for your safe storage of cryptocurrency (

) for your Bitcoins.

Analysts collected information for the 2016-2017 year and found out that thousands of large companies from around the world issued announcements about adding cryptocurrencies to the list of available payment methods. In fact, they were connected by units, but among them there are well-known brands:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

The list is constantly expanding, but some reject the idea of ​​accepting altcoins instead of fiat money. This is due to high volatility. The course is not stable and this may affect profits.

As for instant exchanges, they entail an additional commission that entrepreneurs cannot afford. In addition, the target audience of some organizations is simply not interested in the implementation of cryptocurrency.

How to buy anything for a cryptocurrency?

You can pay with digital coins anywhere if you order a plastic card with a balance in altcoins. It does not differ from a regular bank card, also has its own account number and when using it, it is required to enter a pin code.

Now you can order such cards at the following sites:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

While users are not actively ordering card data, because there are some problems.

First, the Bitcoin network is overloaded and because of this, sometimes it takes a long time to wait for confirmation of transactions or give a large commission. Secondly, you need to send passport data, and not everyone agrees:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

On the other hand, after receiving any plastic card for cryptocurrency, you can pay anywhere (as in offline and online).

Please note, for the withdrawal of funds card data is not the best option. The fact is that for cash withdrawals, all companies collect a huge commission.

Selling and buying goods for cryptocurrency at Cryptopia

A quality exchange of cryptocurrencies offers not only to exchange altcoins, but also to spend them on real goods or services. For this, a MarketPlace section has been created here.

After a special check, users can add their ads here. Mostly here they offer to buy some tokens:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

There are offers for buying and selling. You need to be careful when making deals, because there are a lot of scammers here. The administration of the exchange Cryptopia warns that it does not participate in the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency.

At the official forum, they have assigned material on how to protect themselves from fraudsters.

Payment for goods is carried out directly from the BTC account. You can get Bitcoin by exchanging any other coins, there are many offers on this exchange.

The exchange itself works only in English, therefore the forum is English-speaking.

It’s not easy to figure out how to sell here, but it’s easier to shop. Especially when you pay for the goods, you can contact the seller directly. Do not be fooled by tempting offers, prices in this "store" are average.

Payment for cryptocurrency services at the Kryptonator

The next service that is useful for paying for cryptocurrency is called. It is simultaneously an online wallet, exchanger and trading platform.

It’s impossible to sell something here, but you can make a payment. At the same time, Bitcoins will automatically change to fiat money at the current rate:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

You will find this list in the “Pay” section. There are not so many options to spend coins, but developers are trying to empower customers.

Service The cryptonator is quite popular, but not because payment is made here. This is a convenient exchanger and a cryptocurrency wallet:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

It is convenient to store altcoins on it, it is easy to create wallets for them and fiat money is supported here.For example, beginners can deposit rubles and buy some coins.

Similarly, tokens change to national currencies and are displayed. There are not so many ways to cash a crypt here - Payeer and Yandex. Money.

Intermediaries for purchases on Ebay and Amazon

The network is full of ducks that large trading platforms have already connected cryptocurrencies. Until this happened, intermediaries appeared on the market, offering a convenient interface and additional discounts.

One of them is and it is suitable not only for purchases for BTC on Amazon. After registering in the system, the Bitcoin address is created, to which it is necessary to transfer coins in order to pay for purchases:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

Next we go to and find the item of interest to us there. We return to the SpacePay and enter a link to the product, and also indicate the quantity:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

Then everything is done the same way as when buying in regular online stores. The product is added to the basket, and when placing an order, you must specify your data:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

The amount is presented in dollars and bitcoins, it is convenient. We proceed to the final step - choosing a wallet for payment:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

Other intermediaries work along the same lines, the only difference is in the interface. Almost all global projects have already created services that allow you to pay for goods with cryptocurrency.

The most popular project for payment by Bitcoins

. When using it, you will receive a discount of up to 15%.

In addition to its main advantage in the form of a convenient tool, intermediary services also provide good discounts. Paying cryptocurrency for goods and services is even more profitable.

Where to offer your goods and services for cryptocurrency?

Wallets for cryptocurrencies are open to many people, and who have been using them for a long time, they are well aware that translating altcoins into real money not difficult.

Therefore, they sell anything for digital coins. Bitcoins are most often accepted, offers with other tokens are extremely rare:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

There are no special sites to offer your real goods and services for bitcoins (at least, quite popular) . Therefore, such proposals are published on different sites:

  • bulletin boards;
  • social networks;
  • forums;
  • chats;
  • different communities.

It’s really convenient for someone to pay in cryptocurrency, and in addition, this approach helps to draw attention to your ad:

Where to buy and sell goods (services) for cryptocurrency?

Place ads with with your services and goods anywhere, but please note, there are not so many people who want to spend Bitcoin on something real.

TOP 10 online stores with Bitcoin payment

It is much easier to find merchants accepting cryptocurrency on the global network. And it can be not only individuals, but also real organizations. Every day it becomes more and more, and we chose the most interesting offers:

  1. - the company is engaged in the production of handmade covers for various mobile devices.
  2. - on this site you will find a huge range of fashionable clothes and all sorts of accessories.
  3. is a famous flea market where you can find every little thing cheaply, from key rings to books and toys.
  4. - a young company engaged in the production of candy with unusual flavors (wine, beer, absinthe).
  5. - they sell clothes, toys and goods for creativity for Bitcoins, but not all goods are sent to Russia.
  6. - various devices and fixtures for smartphones that will be useful to people with an active lifestyle.
  7. is the sale of various leather goods, everything from cases for mobile devices and ending with straps for watches.
  8. - various accessories, cases, wallets, purses, briefcases and much more are offered.
  9. - designer items, a huge range, which includes scarves, earrings, pendants and much more.
  10. - online store for cycling enthusiasts. Large selection of bicycles and accessories for them.

In Russia, cryptocurrency is not so actively being introduced for payment, and if they are added, prices are exorbitant. As practice shows, sellers do not often use Bitcoins, because the market is not strongly developed and only a few will be engaged in transactions with digital coins.

Buying and selling goods for crypto coins is only gaining momentum. If in the USA and Europe it is common, then in Russia not yet.

Now you have a selection of services where it is easy to spend altcoins, the main thing is not to be in a hurry, because in 2018 the courses should grow, you should wait a bit and you will have even more money in your pocket.

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