Where to bet on golf?

There are sports that are very popular abroad, but have virtually no fans in Russia.

These include American football, for which even a special ball is hard to find. The same goes for golf, which Americans are used to playing on the weekends, and we have practically no grounds for that.

There are only a few official bookmakers on the Internet who can be trusted. Place your bets on golf only in them, the list is attached at the end of the article.

Golf betting on the Internet can be made even on foreign players. In the Olympic Games this sport is included, it is constantly held various tournaments, so you can make bets anytime. The only negative - will have to use European bookmakers.

Where to bet on golf?

Golf, rules of the game, earnings at the stakes

On TV you should have seen the game going on. In the vast territory of the hole are placed, and athletes are trying to roll the ball into them. The one who makes less strikes with a club on the ball gets more points.

The results here are unpredictable, however, there are favorites, therefore the odds are very different:

Where to bet on golf?

Domestic bookmakers rarely offer golf bets , and if they add this sport, they use few duels. You can bet on the victory of one of the participants, or bet on the game between two opponents. It will be necessary to predict which of them will take a higher position.

Golf tournaments are often held, there are various club competitions, helmets, game associations and so on. The choice is quite wide:

Where to bet on golf?

Additional rates are also offered, but they are rare. Otherwise, the rates are no different, you create a coupon and predict who will win.

One of the difficulties for Russian betters at golf bets is collecting information. Russian sites poorly sanctify such events, it is necessary to use foreign sources.

The main factor on which you need to rely when forecasting is the athlete's moral and physical condition. With the help of news you can find out everything about the participant of the tournament, with this there is no problem. Also, here it makes sense to study the statistics, as most often the winners are favorites.

Where to place bets on golf?

As already mentioned, there are practically no worthy companies that offer bets on golf among Russian BC. Nevertheless, there are world-famous bookmakers who have a Russian version of the site, so it’s easy to place bets there:

  1. . The most popular of the permitted bookmakers in Runet. It definitely will not get into the registry, and at the moment it is holding a unique action. 3000 rubles are paid to each new participant. They open a free bet, if you make a profit, you can withdraw it.
    Where to bet on golf?

    The league differs from the competitors by a lot of things. They have the best mobile app (although only available on iOS), high odds, unusual bets and non-standard betting types. For example, put money on how much weight a child will have in Ksenia Sobchak.

  2. . The second place in today's TOP of bookmakers is occupied by this licensed company. Its activities are also regulated by CUPIS. New players are given out 2000 rubles each so that they can make the first bet. The resulting profit is available for withdrawal, but a deposit is required for this:
    Where to bet on golf?

    The bookmaker works within the law, so you should not worry about his honesty. The only negative is the deductions in the form of 13% of the winnings (taxes). However, not all official offices incur such expenses. Mobile applications from BC are also available, download them to smartphones.

  3. . A huge company that owns more than 700 real betting points. The site has a unique platform, it has everything for comfortable betting. To start, you need to deposit at least 10 rubles. All monetary transactions are carried out through TSUPIS, so they are 100% protected from fraud:
    Where to bet on golf?

    The official nature of the office is good, only 13% of the winnings have to be paid. Here the administration periodically does not charge this fee. Individually for each sport signs a huge line. Here you will definitely find an event for your bet, the minimum salary is equal to the minimum deposit - 10 rubles.

  4. . Do not confuse this official BC with its counterpart, registered in Costa Rica. This company does not offer anything unusual. She has a license to provide services in the Russian Federation. As in the case of other permitted BCs, registration with the IPCC is required, account bindings and verification:
    Where to bet on golf?

    The real points for accepting bets also exist (this is mainly Moscow). Bets on any kinds of sports are accepted, all popular events are available, the odds will not disappoint.Use the Favorites section to create your own selection of matches and sports for which you will bid.

Most golf bets are made at these bookmakers. Plus, they can be used from mobile devices.

When using unlicensed bookmakers, you risk becoming a victim of fraud. Roskomnadzor does not just block access to prohibited resources, but attempts to circumvent registry sanctions are a violation of the law.

Determine the best period for betting on golf, just be careful. It is advisable not to choose athletes with the highest coefficients.

In this sport, professionalism plays a crucial role, therefore it is better to bet on the favorites, especially since they will be worthy of the odds.

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