Where is CVC2 CVV2 on the map and why is it needed?

Mankind began to use bank cards much more actively, these technologies are firmly embedded in society.

When the Internet and virtual payments appeared, the availability of a card became a necessity. Online, you can quickly and easily pay, transfer money and perform other transactions.

Where is CVC2 / CVV2 on the map and why is it needed? This is the most common question for newbies.

Some even confuse it with the pin code from the card. It was created to increase security, but as it turns out in practice, this level is easily overcome by fraudsters, so you need to be extremely careful.

Where is CVC2 CVV2 on the map and why is it needed?

Why do I need CVC2 on a bank card?

This code is indicated so that the seller can make sure the card is on hand when making payments customer Simply put, this is an additional check that the cardholder can look at it and provide the necessary information.

As a rule, CVC2 and CVV2 are located on the back of the card. Location may vary, depending on the bank that issued the card. For example, the CVC2 code Sberbank indicates on the back side, on a special strip:

Where is CVC2 CVV2 on the map and why is it needed?

The last 3 digits in this line are the right information for the seller. The full account number is sometimes indicated on this band, but at the end CVV2 or CVC2 is still indicated:

Where is CVC2 CVV2 on the map and why is it needed?

Some banks do not indicate it on the cards at all, so you have to contact the operators to clarify this information.

A simple method of protection that helps the seller to make sure that the card is in the hands of a person, and he makes a transfer from his account. Of course, the method is not perfect, so banking systems use additional measures. Most often this is a confirmation SMS.

Features of CVV2 and CVC2

There are people who don’t even know about CVC2 what it is. In fact, everything is simple, it is a unique combination of numbers, with which it is checked that the card is in hand.

The technology is simple, and in order to understand and protect yourself more from fraudsters, read these points:

  1. The CVC2 / CVV2 code must be protected from other people. In an ordinary restaurant, you can take a card for payment and write this information.
  2. In order to protect against fraud, some people seal or cover this code on their cards. The main thing is not to forget it yourself.
  3. The CVC2 / CVV2 card code is not always required, it is a protection measure that companies sometimes neglect (especially if they use the card in real life).
  4. Be careful when someone asks you to send a scan of a plastic card. Perhaps they want to get hold of this code and other information.
  5. By law, the CVC2 / CVV2 code cannot be stored by the seller (even for a short time). Therefore, it will be requested again in other transactions.
  6. On virtual cards, CVC2 / CVV2 is extremely rare, so it is advisable to set limits on transactions.

With the naked eye you can see where CVC2 / CVV2 is located, it is easy to find it, but you don’t need to hurry with the transmission. Provide this information only to large and reputable companies.

Today the technology of the CVC2 / CVV2 code on the card is considered obsolete. Banks are looking for other protection measures, even calling customers to confirm transactions. But while it works, you need to know where it is on the CVC2 and CVV2 card.

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