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Where I spend my time - Profit Hunter Most recently, the Lugansk Homeless talked about how he manages his time and asked other bloggers, including me, to share his experience in the field of time and antitum management.

I have a lot of experience in this business ... Plans for the day, week, month, etc., are drawn up regularly, but their implementation is lame in both legs. I try to gradually limit meaningless activity, sometimes I even get it, but no matter what, some things are beyond my control.

1. I read a lot, although now it is less than before. I mostly read near-net blogs and other materials on earnings on the Internet. By the way, from the last I would like to highlight:

  • the emergence of a free backlink checking service from Dimoning;
  • an excellent guide for beginners from a Bumour without wheels - read without fail;
  • Eli with BlueHatSeo. com posted in public a very interesting plugin, which is described in Russian, you will find in Lugansk Bum.
  • the emergence of a new okolomaneykerkogo blog with a very interesting domain name SMO. me. (By the way, the domain seo. Me is already being sold for 3 kilobax.)

I used to like to read the political forum of the Ukrainian Truth before. You can’t think of a better way to kill time. 🙂

I don’t read seoshny forums at all. Only if through the search I find the desired branch on the desired issue. There is no time for them. Social networks also do not indulge in their presence.

2. I spend a lot of time on searching for materials and writing blog posts. However, this is a production necessity, so I have no complaints about this point. The only thing that in the future is likely to have to think about outsourcing part of the work. Blog blog, but stagnating is a luxury.

3. Much time is spent on bytovuhu. Private sector = a lot of work you don’t want to do, but there’s no other choice. In this regard, I am a pure margin: in the morning I am writing a post about Poskovoy optimization, in the evening I go digging potatoes. The problem, of course, is solved, but not immediately, so you have to put up with some things.

4. Unforeseen time costs. It happens all the time, because, regardless of my knowledge, the Internet constantly poses tasks for which a solution needs to be found, and when you start pulling the string, it turns out that there is a whole tangle of questions, and there are no answers to any of them. And then the task that was supposed to be solved in half an hour is solved in half a day. But this, too, is not going anywhere.

5. I try to use instant messaging as needed (although it does not always work, sometimes I get carried away).

6. Recycling and collecting information on new ideas. This foolishness, I toiled from the beginning of this year until June or July. It’s how it turns out: you read about some new topic, or a new way to make money, or a new niche, and you want to see, check, think about ... But why ??? Anyway, if in the future you want to do this, you will have to look, check and think over the new one. Because of this, I still do not have a single sensible project besides this blog. I hope this was a problem of transitional age for a novice moneymaker that just needed to grow.

7. Self-education. Ideally, no less than 1-1.5 hours per day. But if there is work, then it is better to work. Practice is still more important than theory.

Conclusion: because, for objective reasons, it is impossible to optimize the daily routine to the ideal state, you need to either sleep less, or relax and enjoy the process (plus, if you have money, get out all that you can do). I choose the second.

I would like to hear how Dimok, Alexander Fedorov, Arser, SEO-Writer and Kass spend their time. I would also like to listen to you, readers, especially those who are already making money on the Internet 😉

p. with. If one of the readers uses the services of the Yutex host, pay attention to the fact that if you suddenly decide to refuse their services, you will need to tell them about it separately, otherwise even if you ordered hosting for a year and not a day more, after this period, hosting will be automatically extended, and denyuzhku will be removed from your balance (although this has not been written anywhere else until today).

It so happened that I bought my first domain from them, and I needed to renew it a couple of days ago. The system reasonably offered me to pay $ 10, which I immediately sent, hoping that the domain will be renewed. But then it turned out that the money without my knowledge went to pay for hosting. So, to avoid such surprises, register domains separately, and take hosting separately. Yes, and take hosting in Eskhosting. It will be more reliable.

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