Where did the money on the Internet? How does money appear on the Internet?

The common misconception of newbies that it’s not really making money on the Internet can be easily refuted.

The world wide web is full of money, and anyone can work remotely and make a profit. This begs the question of where the money comes from on the Internet, and there are several answers to it.

The main source of electronic money is advertising. Large companies spend serious money on the promotion of their brands, and also hire a lot of people who distribute advertising on the network. Newbies do not even know what money is paid for advertising.

Where did the money on the Internet? How does money appear on the Internet?

The easiest way to show how much advertisers spend on distributing their information using popular. To do this, take a few popular keywords and check how much advertising clicks cost:

Where did the money on the Internet? How does money appear on the Internet?

The average cost per click is the amount that advertisers give because someone just switched by their ad. For example, at the request of “Buy a car”, you will have to pay 10 for the accommodation in the first place. $ 08 for each transition .

Just imagine how much the advertiser’s total budget will be, because for 100 people who have passed, he will have to pay more than $ 1000. Of course, this is an average price and it may differ somewhat, but approximately everything will be exactly that.

Yes, no one agrees to run an ad for that kind of money, do you also think so? Check is not difficult, we use the query and check:

Where did the money on the Internet? How does money appear on the Internet?

As you can see, all the lines are occupied, and advertisers are willing to pay that kind of money. In some cases, the cost per click may be even higher, but in order to attract customers, serious money is spent.

Similarly, each site owner receives money by placing advertisements on his website. Of course, the prices are much lower, because it is almost impossible to promote a site like Yandex. Nevertheless, money comes from advertising, and total revenues depend on the popularity of the site.

Alternative sources of virtual money

Money comes to the Internet not only from advertising. A huge number of online stores and various services also accept electronic money. Daily users make millions of purchases over the Internet, which also increases the amount of virtual money. As a rule, they pay for purchases with bank cards.

Similarly, the "electronic treasury" is replenished by providing services. Writing coursework, conducting consultations, creating websites and many other services are ordered and paid for via the Internet.

The Internet is constantly replenished with huge amounts of money, and ordinary users can earn it even without learning anything. Do not hesitate, there is a lot of money on the Internet and the sooner you start working in the network, the faster you will get it.

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