Where can I get accounts for Botovod? use Buyaccs

For social networking sites, various services and programs are used. To date, programmers have come up with a huge amount of software, with which you can perform absolutely any cheat. One of these programs is Botovod - software through which you can receive mutual PR.

The essence of the program is simple, you add accounts to it and set what kind of cheat you want to receive (likes, participants in a group and t d.) After that, your accounts are used to cheat other participants, and you get reciprocal cheat for it. It is not necessary to buy, you can use the Lite version, it is free.

Where can I get accounts for Botovod? use Buyaccs

Vkontakte promotion through Botovod

It’s not difficult to use this program, but there is one caveat; you will need many accounts for fast and effective promotion . Where can I get accounts for Botovod? You can buy Vkontakte accounts on the site. This largest account store in RuNet offers pages from Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Gmail, Facebook, Mamba and so on.

For those who want to buy Vkontakte accounts, there are several types of pages:

Where can I get accounts for Botovod? use Buyaccs

Depending on some parameters, prices for accounts change. For example, those that are sold at 40 cents, these are confirmed by SMS accounts from Russia and Ukraine.

The most expensive Plus accounts are confirmed by SMS and mail accounts of girls from 20 to 25 years old, with real names and added photos.

Also, when purchasing this type of account, you will be given an email in which the page is registered.

At the very bottom of the list of accounts, the functionality is set to select the number and type of profiles:

Where can I get accounts for Botovod? use Buyaccs

Here you can also specify the method of payment, as you can see there are a lot of convenient (you can pay with a card through Robokassa).
When you pay for your accounts, you will be presented with a list with logins and passwords for authorization:

Where can I get accounts for Botovod? use Buyaccs

There is a service since 2010 and so far no negative feedback he did not receive it, and this already proves its stability and the quality of the profiles sold.

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