Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links

Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links

Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links

How to create a Blog?

Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links


Looking for the best website promotion option? Buying links is one of the best options.

Although it is said about reference advancement, it may soon lose relevance, today it allows you to quickly achieve the desired results. The only negative - it entails serious costs.

If you have to spend a decent amount, then you need to take care of the quality of the result.

In article How much to buy links for promotion? We talked about the ratio of the quantity and quality of purchased links, we advise you to read this material.

In this article we will look at the very best services where you can buy quality links.

Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links

Link Exchange

  1. - let's start with the most popular exchange where the most links are bought. The project has been working since 2009. Most importantly, the system imposes strict requirements on donor sites. Of the total number of sites, about 20% is added, the algorithms evaluate each resource for a variety of factors. After buying a link, for 3 months the system guarantees a refund if the link is deleted. Prices are certainly not small, but the quality is excellent.
  2. - using this service you can buy more than 35,000 links from various blogs. The project administration has gathered a fairly high-quality database of sites where links can be placed, and the prices are much lower here. When selecting sites that are added to the system, sites with a TIC of less than 10 are not accepted, so you will definitely get the weight of puzomerok from any purchased link.
  3. - the name of this exchange (Sapa) is known to almost everyone who is related to website building or optimization. This exchange provides temporary links, and they will need to be paid every day. For example, you can buy 100 links for 5 kopeks and pay 5 rubles daily. Even one permanent link can be more expensive than a month of temporary links at 100 sites. If you are promoting a website for installing links or selling, this option is ideal, since with minimal costs you can quickly raise the TIC and PR. In addition, the exchange Sape offers an additional service for placing links forever. On the Pr site. sape. ru you can buy a lot of eternal links with a guarantee of indexation, and you can also pay for them in installments.
  4. - the next service is also based solely on quality links, therefore, its prices are quite high. The system added more than 18 thousand sites, each of which passed the manual moderation. The main advantage is that the links are placed on the sites inside the articles, and this is much more effective in promoting. Writing articles is not necessary, they can also be purchased in this system, at the moment 23,000 ready-made articles are offered. The system guarantees 100% placement of the purchased link.
  5. - not less popular service, which offers the purchase of links from blogs and social networks. The administration of the project claims that the links purchased from them look natural, and this is very important when building high-quality reference mass. In addition to the fact that links will transfer weight, they will receive a lot of traffic to your resource.
  6. - the developers of this service are sure that the most important thing for link promotion is the number of links (let them have less effect, but you will pay less for them), if you agree with this statement, then this exchange is right for you. Links are purchased in semi-automatic mode, you just need to fill out a special form and set a budget for expenses.

Where better to buy links? 6 best exchanges links

Each of these systems has been operating for more than one year and they all have proven their stability. Now you know where it is better to buy links and can proceed to the promotion of your own resources.

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