Where and how to shorten links? link hiding services

Internet users actively share links, sending them in social networks, emails and using other means of communication. Unfortunately, some links may be blocked, but there is a solution - links can be shortened and masked with the help of special services.

In the field of Internet earnings, referral links are often used, which can also be hidden.

Firstly , this will bypass the protection of social networks in which such links are blocked and a message appears that the resource may threaten security.

Secondly , some users are suspicious of referral links and even if they go to the site, they copy only the main domain.

Where and how to shorten links? link hiding services

Services for hiding links

If you do not know where and how to shorten links, then we will tell you about the most popular resources that are in a couple of seconds You can hide any link. Consider an example using the service from Google ():

Where and how to shorten links? link hiding services

After going to the site, specify the link, press the button and get an abbreviated version , when you click on it , users will be taken to our blog page. The advantage of this service is that under the link you can see how many times the link was made on your link.

The following services can also be used to shorten links:

  • Clck. en
  • Wuw. su
  • B23. en
  • Urla. en
  • 0pi. en
  • Sledui. net

There is a better project for shortening the links, using which you can add any word to the new URL.

To do this, you will need to use the Tinyurl project. com:

Where and how to shorten links? link hiding services

If you often use the abbreviation of links, and a huge number of users follow them, then you can earn extra money. On you can get money from every thousand clicks on your link. Pay for the fact that when you click on the link, users will watch ads.

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