Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

When creating groups in social networks, websites and even YouTube channels, the topic of sports is often used.

This is a modern trend, a healthy lifestyle is now actively promoted, and the army of fans is a huge audience of users, tons of quality solvent traffic.

Sports traffic, where to monetize it? It all depends on the format of your site. It was created for fans of different sports, athletes, those who monitor their physical condition or like mine - about making money on the Internet. You can make money at any site, you just need to find the right way.

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

Monetization of sports traffic

After Roskomnadzor blocked access to almost all bookmaker offices, serious website owners appeared for fans Problems. Not only do referral links no longer work, they also add blogs to the registry for them. I myself had to remove and redo a lot of pages.

Any difficulties make you look for alternative options and they are there. After a brief search, I found out that some bookmakers are officially allowed, only there are no affiliate programs. I had to use the aggregator, in which there is now one suitable offer:

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

The bookmaker office is not prohibited in Russia, and decent amounts are paid to attract customers to it. The partner receives more than 3000 rubles if the client registers with his link and makes a deposit.

A decent amount of money, and the company is solid, it’s not a shame to invite users to their official website. If bookmakers are not suitable for monetizing your sports traffic, consider other offers in the Sport category.

For example, you can attract buyers to sports online stores:

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

For confirmed orders paid from 8% to 13%, is also profitable. You can search for other offers of cooperation, on ActionPay more than 1000 different affiliate programs. Pay attention to the affiliate product, they paid a fixed amount of sales.

Betadvert - affiliate program for sports traffic

This service is suitable for everyone who, like me, began to experience difficulties after blocking sites of bookmakers. They are still working, the lock is set only in Russia. In addition, there are permitted bookmakers, so many are still interested in sports forecasts.

Through the affiliate program you will be able to attract customers to a large company that sells forecasts.

They pay half of sales:

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

You attract users to a special landing page, where you just need to specify Email. The mailing list includes free predictions. Then letters begin to come to the person with offers to buy one of the tariffs for 2.50 thousand rubles (you get half of this money).

Solid rewards are not the only plus affiliate programs:

  • users get really high-quality forecasts;
  • on average people spend 6,000 rubles on forecasts ;
  • flexible payment schedule;
  • a large selection of withdrawal methods;
  • excellent support;
  • high-quality promotional materials.

Similar services are in demand, the betters do not want to spend time on predictions, they are ready to invest and get expert opinion. Do not believe that it is profitable? Here is an example of statistics from one of the partners:

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

Data for almost a month, the amount is more than 720,000 rubles. Only you need to understand that the profit is not charged immediately after the subscription. First, the client is involved, give free predictions and the opportunity to test them.

Then they offer to buy a paid rate or VIP. To make it easier to attract traffic, a wide range of promotional materials is offered:

Where and how to monetize sports traffic?

Generate links to landing pages (there are more than 30 of them here), use banners and use widgets.

It is allowed to distribute links through social networks, YouTube channels, use teaser networks, mobile and even doorway traffic. In general, any sites and sources are suitable.

High-quality sports traffic can definitely be profitable to monetize. Use at least all at once the methods of this article. Forget about not licensed bookmakers, consider alternative methods.

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