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Among the variety of hoster services it is often very difficult to choose if not the best, then at least something that stands out against the general background; The best way to do this is to carefully consider all the possibilities.

what's for lunch today? - Profit Hunter

The hero of this review is the vkusnoserver resource. ru, according to the creators, is the first in Runet discounter dedicated servers for professional developers and webmasters. The service itself cannot yet boast a big name, but the people behind it have long and professionally been working in this area.

Customer care and convenience is already apparent on the main page - here the visitor is waiting for a list of ready-made and order-accessible configs along with a number of additional options like additional HDD or RAM. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you need, there is an impressive range of options at your service, among which you can quickly find everything you need. For example, we need a server on Hetzner - we open the corresponding section and take a look: a variety of configurations are offered with a fairly modest price for the reseller market: for a month, it takes from $ 54 (for a simple config based on AMD Athlon 64 3700+) to 179 $ (Intel Core i7-980X, 24 Gb RAM, and many other goodies). If you need a backup server, then there is something to choose from.

A client can choose a virtual server based on OpenVS or Xen; if you intend to use more than one server or domain, Vkusnoserver allows you to manage them from one account, which speeds up and simplifies the work. The site has detailed information about each server, but if the visitor has additional questions, they can always be addressed to the support service in the attached chat.
Vkusnoverservu has something to offer and fans to pull content from torrents - by purchasing a sidbox, you will receive not only additional space (from 100 GB to 2 TB), but also the ability to open downloaded files from any computer, without clogging your own hard drive and not fiddling with external carriers. Not to mention the possibility of maintaining the rating on the trackers.

Vkusnoserver generally offers many diverse services; for example, highlighting PI and AS. PI is an IP address that is independent of the provider and permanently assigned to one company. If you rent an IP from an ISP, then you put yourself in dependence on it - now it may seem to you that everything suits you, but if you happen to find a better offer, and the rented IP will be lost. It is clear what this is fraught with: you will lose time on equipment reconfiguration and domain redirection, and time, as you know, is money.

By ordering an AS (autonomous network), you can increase the flexibility of your company: simultaneously use the services of several providers, have backup channels in case of problems with one of them, set your own rules for your network, and so on.

Openness and availability of the service is manifested, for example, in payment methods that cover almost all popular methods (electronic money, bank cards, Internet banking, terminals, SMS); and paranoid customers Vkusnserver is ready to provide all the information about their licenses, addresses and the like.

In general, Vkusnoserver offers a very interesting and set of services that will suit the webmaster who wants to upgrade to a VPS.

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